What’s in my Purse?? Chanel Classic Flap ♥ MakeupMAYhem Day 6 ♥

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MakeupMAYhem: A new video every other day in May! MakeupMAYhem Day 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HGbjmSJ0Ns My Twitter!: http://www.twitter.com/ellefow…

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michelle tapia says:

I love coffee and I hate the after taste too!

mskikiluvsu says:

hey hey i just started my own channel, check out my videos 🙂

Temi Komolafe says:

i luv u

bashfulnath says:

i love coffee and hate the aftertaste too

Yasmeen Cardenas says:

You look kind of similar to another YouTube.

kyraissia12 says:

that purse must cost a fortune

Tifferlb says:

how did the lasik eye surgery go I’m really interested my mom had it and I wonder do you feel that it is worth it

Tifferlb says:

I thought something was beeping in my house

Les Bent says:

its probaby not real rose gold its probably just painted metallic

LindieSs says:

LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! 🙂 I’ve also just made a What’s in my Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag video. Please accept my video response.


S Ahmed says:

You have natural instinct when it comes to your hair. Plus your eyes look really big like a cats in this video, love the head board joke (hope you rented out your last condo)

ahmedzeyad97 says:

Do u run glitzy glam

Alisha Oh says:

That is so true! <3

Michelle Lopes says:

Uh fala demais!

Sunnybunny2006 says:

I saw them too. I’m not judging, I’m just sayin…I saw the pillows too!!!

Carmelita Binka Putri Ayu says:


Maria Garcia says:

Use dry shampoo to put volume in your roots!

Christinats251 says:

EVERYBODY GO CHECK OUT lovethemidnight!!!!!!!!!! She sings amazingly! And plays the piano and guitar

MissCofia33 says:

You get a Hermes Birkin bag!

WheresMyNutellaBish says:

♡ it!

Chloe Valenzuela says:

I love this video so much! I’ve watched it 100 times and it’s still interesting! ♥

Milly Stell says:

rose gold headphones…you have too much money

selenagomez443 says:

I love your voice!

Vyctoria Estrada says:

You sound so fun & southern! I love ittttt <3

Tessa L. Castro says:

Elle you’re such a silly fun girl I love ya! Many congrats on your newest investment, it’s a condo! XO

beautyonbudget22 says:

Updated condo tour!

itsbeautiesone grace says:

That bag is wayyyy too expensive. o.O

Anne Claire says:

Will u do a chanel purse collection?

leonardsrock says:

Why are you hatin on her having a condo?

leonardsrock says:

Another Chanel, Silly!

caroline coitino says:

Love to see how different u and blair pack the same bag 🙂

Ashyra Cooper says:

are you famous and have money cause you have a condo

Ashyra Cooper says:

can you do a tropical makeup look next time

Mary Butera says:

Isn’t that bag like..$182918368191.99

codyandflora says:

I love Pinecone!!

codyandflora says:

I love Pinecone!!

Ima Soshi says:

I understand that.. I myself love those bags, but it just seems pushy and ignorant. Like trying to flaunt it as if it was that big of a deal..

atikahizlyn says:

Do a perfume collection

Carol Austin says:

I always wonder if you have a Chanel bag at your young age how do you top that when you get board?

Joana Henriques says:

I think it looks great natural :3

p.s – coffee’s aftertaste is gross, everyone I know agrees! It’s the only downside I see from it :c

atikahizlyn says:

Do you sell the turqoise phone case that you show in the video???

amie mcmanus says:

I love your bag

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