What’s In My Chanel Classic Flap + Review

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This is my review of my brand new purchase: a gorgeous Chanel Classic Flap, jumbo in black caviar leather with silver hardware. Also included is a What’s In …

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Diane Milligan says:

This video is the best Chanel Double Flap review on YouTube. You gave so
much interesting information on the ‘why’s’ of the design features of the
bag. Thank you! 

The Glamorous Life says:

my husband doesn’t get it either! lol but I SO agree with you…it is a
milestone! Kat xx

Amber Jarvis says:

R u a model

TheeDaniel R says:

Love it! Pretyy

Nina jaber says:

Hi since u have this bag for a while plz be honest do u regret buying the
silver instead of the gold coz I bought the the same with gold and I don’t
know if I should exchange it for silver thanks

MSpanders10 says:

I love your bag, great review. 

Ashley Nicole says:

I love your bag, I have the same one in gold. But it’s definitely silver

Alshymaa Dori says:

you really need to know something : you cant never know whether its
authentic or not if u bought it online, cuz also some of the fakes has an
authenticity card number and boxes. u need to check if its real from a
Chanel boutique only). your bag is shiny dunno if it was only from the
camera or not cuz the real caviar calfskin doesnot shine. 

Lizz Hogg says:

Realy loved your review some good info!

Anastasia Zenia says:

Thank you so much for the review. really helpful. I recently purchased my
first chanel from yoogiscloset too :)

jenniferk97 says:

Just found this review. I can’t believe you didn’t know of places to buy
those bag hangers in March of 2013…I’ve had so many of them over the
years. Great review of the bag, though!

Zahraa Naama says:

Congrats on the Chanel!
Just got my first Chanel same size but in gold. Love it!!! Had my name on
waiting list for over 4mos and finally got the call.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Merrybelly Rodart says:

This is the best chanel bag review ever!!!! Thank you. 

Will Arnette says:

Your interlocking “CC” on the second flap isn’t the correct one… it’s
not supposed to be flat.

Alessandra85 says:

Where can I sell this bag?

Nick's Beauty Hotspot says:

waiting for the day when i can get this bag, great video and review 😀 

Liz Exists says:

Guy’s yoogiscloset is very reputable, so chances are it’s real. 

marie bagobeans says:

You mentioned that you like to see her bios. Do you know all her history?
There was a reason she had that hidden pocket in her bag. The one positive
thing I have to say about her is her designs in women’s clothes. She made
them more wearable and fashionable. I don’t think she would have had to
have anyone’s permission to purchase a handbag. LOL!

Katrina Ostanevica says:


Alessandra85 says:

Is it heavy? Pls answer

Vivian Wang says:

too many perfect bags for Xmas http://www.mbrandbags.com

Ada Solly Styling says:

I just purchased a Chanel tote bag. Thanks for sharing. 

Valentine Lissar says:

Hey are you allowed to wear perfume as a resident? Or whenever you’re in
the hospital? I am thinking of buying perfume for a friend who’s going to
be a nurse and I don’t know if she would be able to use it.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly says:

Oh that’s good to know! What a bummer.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly says:

Thanks for the tip! Mont Blanc pens don’t leak, but can’t be too careful!

riesmom11 says:

I love how you give reason why there are pockets I didn’t know that much
stuff. Amazing video

GodivaGems says:

the thing that struck me was that the two C’s on the turn lock seemed kinda
thin, but I don’t know for sure.

californiablue9 says:

Congrats on your bag! Chanel however does not gold or silver plate any of
their bags anymore, they stoped with that in 2008 or 2009.

Mandy Gladden says:

Love the review. Thanks! Off topic; can you tell me what camera you film
with please? Thanks.

luvmkup says:

Yes, I want to see a Longchamp bag video!! Not boring. 🙂

ModScheherazade says:

That’s so cool, and– you got me googling and apparently I’m just two
blocks away as well– also read they sell make-up at the flagship store,
which is about the only thing I’d be able to afford there, LOL. I
definitely have to go see it now! 😉

Pretty Shiny Sparkly says:

Thank you!!

Johanna Lopez says:

The love letters would go behind the flap not in the zipper

Pretty Shiny Sparkly says:

They only stamp the logo if it’s gold plated. Since 2009 Chanel hasn’t gold
plated most of their hardware, and anyway, this is silver. 🙂 It’s 100%
authentic so you don’t need to be sorry. 🙂

Emma Pitiporn Kittinavawith says:

Cant wait to get mine this week :-))))

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