What’s In My Chanel Boy Bag?

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elle be says:

I absolutely loved this! The Woc is my next purchase and it was nice to see how much fits! Thanks for this babe! xo

Elaine Bines says:

I came over from Lisa ?

primrose lane says:

Absolutely stunning bag Claudia! I was thinking about getting the woc in lambskin but Im worried it'll scuff easily. Have you noticed the zip on the flap making a dent onto the leather if you know why I mean? Xx

sophia gardner says:


Makeup Obsessed Mom says:

That's a great little bag! Looks like it holds quite a bit. I need to hint at my hubby for a Chanel since my birthday is coming up. Stacie xo

Sophia smith says:

Babe does the pink in the key holder get dirty easily ? Xxx

Zed says:

I need that LV key holder.

Krista Roman says:

I love the lambskin leather! Such a pretty bag :)

jensmakeupandfashion says:

I love your bag :)

JessAngelica says:

Ahh you have such a great channel! Mind helping out my channel by subscribing? Trying to get 2k subs! Thanks, I'll subscribe back✨☺️

sarah cooper says:

You look great in this video. lovely make-up. You should get a chanel mirror. My son bought me one last year for my birthday. xx

Sik Glam says:

I Love That Bag!! Epic!! Ha!! I used to think they were saying Walk Not Woc in Chanel when I'd get one cause it was a good bag to Walk with… ahhhh I dunno… :)

Julie Quick says:

Beautiful handbag and you are so right to use it! I recommend the small refillable perfume bottles for this bag – get a few and you can then save the money that you would have spent on mini perfumes and invest in a new bag!

Stacie's Kollections says:

Hello Gorgeous:) great review. 
Luv the woc but it's too small for me personally:( Once I fit my Epipen it becomes too snug & I like my bags to maintain their structure:-)

Andrea Turner says:

Beautiful bag. Need some of that lip gloss and see the new Chanel foundation in a today which looks good.

Satin Taupe says:

Please could you do a room tour?

Sss9911 Rrrr says:

Please makeup collection or room toure??

Klaudia Chrostek says:

I love it ? looking lovely Claudia x

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