What’s In My Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 | October 2014

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My name is Cassie. We should be friends. Helloooooo everyone!!! I’m back from a brief haitus after moving to Texas, so welcome back to my channel!! I decided…

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Style Minded says:

Have been wanting to film an updated What’s In My Bag with my Speedy 30
too! I’m currently in need of buying a new computer though, so it may not
be happening all that soon. Hope all is well with you. Still hoping to
collaborate on a video with you sometime. =]

Frozen Luxury says:

Glad you guys made it out safe!!!

Emie Ohashi says:

hello, new subbie here! i like how you make a video so natural and love
your speedy 30 i have also but in 35..i have channel also if u have time
you can check it out! thanks :)

CapeCodBelle says:

Good to see you back! 

Linda Klinton says:

Wihooo, I so happy to see you. I’m also glad to hear that the move went ok.

MSpanders10 says:

Congratulations on your new place, enjoyed your video. :-)

Celita Guia says:

Nice to see you back! 

Marsha U says:

Yay…glad you made it to Texas and back on youtube!! We missed you! 🙂
Loved the video! Your bag is on my wishlist. I have the 30 in mono but
the DE is calling my name!! 

Mickey Crawford says:

Welcome back! You’ve been missed. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Chanel lip
balm. Told you it was good

HaveLouisWillTravel says:

Welcome back and congrats on the move! 

ThePorsha777 says:

Love this video!!!

Rocio Coello says:

Welcome back!!!

kvloveslv says:

Good to see u! Hope ur liking Texas so far. Love whats in my bag.

MissNewKabuki says:

What part of Texas? El Paso?

Ahnuts says:

Great what’s in my bag. The speedy 30 is my fav! You’re great ;)

belinda jess says:

Nice to see you made it safe and sound. ❤️

Pikot says:

Glad to see you again! And congrats on your new home.

Lindsay Braxton says:

Hey, you’re back! Congrats on your new place! Thanks for sharing!

ande kaeo says:

another great video, thanks for sharing. glad ur move was safe and congrats
on the new apartment.

Justin Berrios says:

Hey there hun ! I’m glad u made it safe !! Great video 

Ihearthappy says:

Congrats on a safe move to TX! Great video; you look great! Happy bday to
the hubs!

Ada Solly Styling says:

Love your shirt you are wearing. I just love my Speedy 30. Great bag and
thanks for sharing. 

Tara Eichman says:

Great video! Welcome back!! 

Mari Rodriguez says:

Love your look in this video. Glad you are getting settled in. I enjoy
these types of video so much. 🙂 

Hungarian LVGirl says:

hope you like your new home! can i have your e-mail? i have the picture of
my PM agenda mon monogram!! :))

Kim Martin says:

Loved your video u r beautiful

bajwac1 says:

Great to see you back. Glad the move went well and you’re settled in your
new place. 

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