What’s in my bag? (Louis vuitton Pallas)

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insta: lvlovercc Thanks for watching guys!

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handbaglvr says:

Since you’re having 2nd thoughts about the bag, I’ll let you know I checked
the exact same bag in pink in Vegas a couple weeks ago. At that time they
had 6 left. I thought I would love it but in person I wasn’t blown away. I
actually liked the black one with treated handles better, which is shocking
since I love pink so much. I’m going to pass on the bag altogether and get
the Speedy B mon monogram next year. Loved seeing you in person, makes
watching videos much more enjoyable. XOXO

mrsbibilove says:

hello beautiful lady i’m seriously obsessed with the monogram and pink
together!!! great WIMB I enjoyed it xoxoxo

Coka Rabbit says:

you look gorgeous sweetie!!!!! Love this bag even more after watched your

BobbyLovesLV says:

That bag is absolutely gorgeous 

Sherin Ng says:

You are so beautiful! and your lipstick matches the pink of your Pallas.
LOL. thanks for the video :)

Serafina Recalcitrant says:

You are so adorable. This is such a fun video. Luv it. Hugs, Kiki

Mer Marbel says:

You have such a pretty face it is a pleasure to watch 🙂 

kvloveslv says:

Great choice! You look great on camera! 

Chanelbuddy255 says:

Great video my dear. I should got one when they just released. The price
just went up massively.

pursejunky says:

you look like a doll

Renewed Gal says:

Ur so pretty..ur skin is like porcelain..I feel like I’m watching an
anime.. :-)

Deepa Bala says:

One more thing: Did you see Tory burch saffiano double zip tote? I am now
thinking of getting that rather than Prada. But now sure at this time :)

Deepa Bala says:

I totally agree with pursejunky – you look like a doll. So cute. Actually i
kept looking at you than the bag 🙂 The watch is beautiful too. Is the bag
heavy? Now i kind of start loving this bag after seeing your “What’s in my

ErikasCorner says:

You are beautiful. You should’ve showed us your face from day one! lol.
Anyways great video. Pink suits you very well and I love your accessories

fitjock1 says:

you look so pretty! gorgeous bag and fun goodies inside.

kelli loves3 says:

You have such a pretty face!! Love your what’s in my bag, I’m hoping to add
a multicolor piece to my collection before they’re gone!

Vanessa Bridez says:

I’ve been a subbie for a while, so glad to finally meet you!!! You look
gorgeous =)’

NN Fudzy says:

You so pretty.. Love watching your vids… Keep on coming ya…

nikki nash says:

You are so pretty! I am glad you are showing your face! I came to watch
your video because I saw you posted on Instagram that you had a new video!!

Jessie Wang says:

U look stunning:)

MSpanders10 says:

So nice to see you, love your bag and enjoyed this video.

Lily Bonelli says:

Love it!!!!!! Your face is beautiful lovely! Amazing bag

Abbey Mugroso says:

gorgeous handbag :)

JulietLV says:

Can I ask what you don’t like about this bag?

Axeherow says:

You are so pretty but can you talk little louder?!

seattledove says:

Oh, below is my first comment on YouTube lol. Pls keep filming videos, you
are doing a great job 

Axeherow says:

Your make up look tutorial please???

seattledove says:

Love your videos. Great to see your beautiful face! Just realize I have
watched your videos since long time ago.

bagslover pan says:

�So nice to see your face and new video!You are beautiful to show us your
face!!! Love your video.

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