What’s in my Bag?! -Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

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ALL THE DETAILS ARE IN HERE▽▽ My beloved Neverfull GM is pretty Full! Get it! Here is a whats in my bag as I said I should do in my last video! Thanks for …

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Let's go Shopping says:

Seriously how many times do we have to hear you have a range rover?

Sweetiepop says:

FINE..you twisted my arm.. I will get the LV refills. Ha ha 🙂 

JerushaCouture says:

I’m a Gal of my word so here is a what’s in my Bag as I said I should
PS:Looking for the Best “Fits everything” Tote?? Well here it is!!

emilieclarke says:

YESSSS!! LOVE me a good “What’s In My Bag” especially on the Neverful!
If you love the Louis Vuitton agenda refills they’re great BUT I don’t like
them. They don’t give me enough room for everything I like. I got mine at

mrsbibilove says:

my goodness Jerusha you are such a natural beauty your home is so lovely
and those nails are Me0Ww fabulous! 😀 Happy Holidays beautiful xoxo Bibi

handbaglvr says:

Enjoyed watching your video as always. Beautiful home and fab nails.

Shanti Sangit says:

love that you are not afraid to use Vuitton! great what’s in my bag!
thanks for sharing!

Cindy Splude says:

Wow!!! It’s like mary poppins bag!!! Just keep pulling up stuff !!! And
then what’s funny is all of it will be able to fit in miss speedy!!!!

Nbcn says:

Lovely video Jerusha! Love your lv luggage tag, I was looking for the very
same one on the web but they only have the tribal designed one 🙁 love all
of your lv items! Happy new year hun! Xx

Artsy Tina says:

Not sure which bag to take on travel? Never full gm, odeon, speedy 30 or

bjtaylor02 says:

Love seeing a well loved LV 🙂 Also love the background!

Rachel Ramirez says:

Love your videos!! Where did you get your iPhone case? If you don’t mind me
asking. =) Thank u!

BagsOfLuv says:

I love your what’s in your bag. You have such a great personality I really
enjoy watching your videos.

stella lotito says:

Love your Neverful GM, it is obviously much loved! Happy New Year Jerusha
and you should be proud of all that you have accomplished this year…Range
Rover included…LOL 

ShopSRJ says:

Loved the video! I might need this bag

fashi0nista31 says:

All I can say on this bag is WOW!!!!!!! I love the speedy 30 but this
one…woah!! I never knew this bag was this BIG!!

Alisa Nicole says:

That was a fun video. I love how floppy your GM is. I find the best inserts
for the agenda are from Piaric. She customizes them any way you want. So
there are no other languages or other stuff on the page that you don’t
want, or that takes up valuable space. I prefer month on 2 pages with no
lines, and she’s does that for me. Plus you can pick what colour paper you
want. Just google her name -> Piaric. I’ve been ordering from her for my PM
and Large Agendas and they’re perfect. Doesn’t hurt to get something
exactly how you want it, and save some money at the same time for future LV
purchases. Have a great holiday season Jerusha! 

Sandra Hutchinson says:

The petina on your neverful is yummy, am still waiting for mine go get that
golden brown coulour! hope you had a fantabulous xmas hun.

Celita Guia says:

Loved your video as always!! You are so pretty and I love your energy.
Have a great week!

Allison Norman says:

I absolutely love my Neverfull GM and use it as an every day work bag but
always have a hard time figuring out how to pack my 15″ Macbook Pro. How do
you pack it so it doesn’t sort of crush/fall on your other items? I try to
squeeze it between pochettes and other items but it still a little wonky. I
should add I use a plastic base/shaper which protects the bottom and that
may be why it’s so hard but would love to hear anyone’s thoughts!

Pamela Vanessa says:

+JerushaCouture Jerusha!! Love your videos!!! you were my first ever YTer
that I watched 🙂 Thanks so much!! Love your sunny personality!

rosannebent says:

You do the best WIMB videos ❤️

NafisaPrecious says:

I’m not a fan of the Monogram print for the reason when they age they look
shabby and not in a chic way. Damien Ebenes hold up much better while
Monograms just look totally worn out.

Glam DIY says:

Great cleaning tip at the end!

belinda jess says:

I had a proper giggle – pulling out enough stuff to sink the titanic from a
nevergull GM…. now I’ll just put all this stuff in my speedy 25….. have
you got the ‘clown car’ version of a 25? Your house looks amazing – So
calm. Hope you had a lovely Chrissy xoxo

Stanleydragonjr says:

Merry Christmas 

Pam Snyder says:

Jerusha…do you ever put a cleaner or conditioner on your LV handles?

Tim Hare-Diggs says:

Do you feel that the straps on the neverfull bags are weak or do you worry
about them ripping? If heavy things were in the bag would the straps be
able to hold? If I wanted a university bag to carry school books and
notebooks would you recommend the Neverfull GM or the Delightful MM?

karrina bailey says:

I love the Louis Vuitton bags and I’m hoping to by the keepall 55 in
monogram soon. Love your bag btw x

Remika Rai says:

Some of the comments

Duchess of Fashion says:

Great video! I still need to get the Neverfull mm, it’s been on my wishlist
for years now! xoxo

Beeneelicious says:

Hi jerusha there are some great apps for your reward cards so you don’t
have to carry ten different pouches 🙂 I am using one called key ring and
just love it. My wallet is so much lighter now x

Kat Chappell says:

Hi jerusha loved yr video “what’s in my bag” hope u enjoyed yr Christmas
and hope you have a wonderful New Years celebration xxx

vbskull says:

I bought the 2015 weekly refills but I didn’t get any stickers with mine.
Such a bummer. I don’t like the way they did the layout. 2014 was much

Belinda Siew says:

I have the neverful in GM too! Super handy and great as a shopping tote. I
love watching your videos and I love your upbeat personality. Merry
Christmas n have a wonderful New Year !

blendedblush says:

Hey Jerusha!

Love the video, you can’t beat a good whats in my bag! I hope you’re having
a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the luck and love in the world for
2015! xxxx

emyers100 says:

Great video! I have 3 LV Neverfulls in the MM size, one day I will get it
in the GM size. I carry a lot of stuff and the MM’s sometimes just isn’t
spacious enough. Thanks for sharing.

Stunning AMS says:

Are you ever worried that the handles may snap with the heavy weight of the
bag contents??

Faten Abidi says:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays Jerusha, please do a christmas haul, I
enjoy watching your videos.

Narelle Ravesi says:

Jerusha,l did not realise how HUGE this bag was,I’m a small girl and l
think l could fit myself inside this beauty,great video.

Jac1 Mac1 says:

Loved the video, fun to watch….but that bag must weigh a ton girl!! 🙂
I’ve been thinking this bag over for a while but is it too similar to the

arentUlovely says:

I like seeing that you enjoy using your bag; no reservations:)

Shianne Binder says:

Hi, Jerusha, hope you had a good Christmas. Can you do a Christmas haul?
Hope you have a happy and healthy new year

Anita Yuan says:

Hi Jerusha! Have you announced the winner of the Louis Vuitton giveaway?

Jana R says:

Love this bag so much!!!! In May I’m going to buy one. I’m already so

iSpyaDiva says:

Love all your items!! How has your emilie wallet held up? I love mine, but
two months later I’ve noticed a teeny split happening :(

Sai Ali says:

I agree about using genuine LV refills. I also use the authentic ones. Love
your videos. Always make me smile so thank you Jerusha.

Liz R says:

Love the video Jerusha! I’m actually going to purchase my first Louis
Vuitton item next month! I’m so excited 😀 

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