What’s in my bag? (Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM)

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Hope you enjoy! Instagram @hauteluv328.

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pptgirl says:

The Lumineuse PM in the Orient. Looks so pretty on you! That color would really make a bold statement.

Haute328 says:

Thank you very much I really appreciate it:-)

Haute328 says:

Thank you

Haute328 says:

Hi, I’m wearing Chanel glossimier #165. Nope not heavy at all, which Is why I really love it

Haute328 says:

Thank you love!

Haute328 says:

I think you should go for it, which bag are you considering? You really cant go wrong with any.

pptgirl says:

I think this is my next bag! In this color. The Infini Artsy will have to wait until the Fall. Can’t let the summer go by without rocking this color!

mrsashmeade says:

U r my louis inspiration lol! Loves it

NorvsWife says:

Hi, what color lipstick are you wearing? Is this bag heavy before you load it up? Thanks in advance.

tanjaram says:

Love the bag

KayT rifik says:

you have a classy an elegant way about yourself that is not so in your face,understated yet obvious. love your bag and all its gorgeous contents

CourageStrength85 says:

Have you thought of getting an agenda (LV)?


Omg, loved everything!!

fitjock1 says:

hi hauteluv, can you do a comparison video of your empriente artsy and lumineuse bags?tks

ljavu says:

🙂 great video.

Moni8272 says:

Hello from Italy. I follow you on istagram

MissMasterpiece says:

This is my second time watching this video! I love how calm you are and not boastful. Please upload more videos,

dgreathouse4118 says:

Will you do a purse collection video? I love your channel you have such sophisticated taste without coming off like you’re showing off, love your style.

MzKeke61 says:

Hi! I love your bag and this was a great video! I wanted to ask you are the two handles long enough to carry it on your shoulder?

ahcocacolawifey says:

Love the new bag! I love how its organized im taking tips 😀 i thought i was the only one who carried there own sugar around LOL! love the pink coach poppy! I get excited about purses its just something about it esp when its leather or expensive LOL!

Yes do a whats in ur new makeup bag its so cute! love the videos 😀

MultiIslandBeauty says:

Can uu make a video on your career choice and things like that

Haute328 says:

Thank you

Haute328 says:

Thank you, you really should get something from the MC line its so pretty!

Haute328 says:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Haute328 says:

Thank you

finey23 says:

Loves it. U seem so calm sweet and sincere. Love it pieces and my oh my that bag is gorgeous. Nuff luv,Finey

chicanamac says:

love this vidoe i truly enjoy watching your videos… that bag is really nice i love the colour..please do a whats in my cometic bag video….

uptowngrl575 says:

Lvoe your bag inside and out! You remind me of myself…such a girly girl (that’s why the MC case makes you smile ;o)) I hope to get me a piece from that beautiful MC collection.

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