What’s In My Bag! Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM Infini

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angelinfishnets says:

MSF is amazing! I got annoyed trying to juggle the compact, and a mirror though so mine has been rehomed into a beauty powder compact. It’s awesome as beauty powders aren’t something I tend to carry and now I get some use from the pretty limited edition compacts!

Paige Whataboutgirls says:

Your bag is awesome !!! xoxo

ViktoriusME says:

Tiffany! You make my day with your videos your so sweet and down to earth and i love Waylon! You’ve got great taste too 🙂

girlbeforethemirror says:

I have that same bag!

livin4jc3 says:

You look so fantastic in this video! I love seeing you in brighter colors. 🙂

pinkglamx says:

Hi guys, my name is Ashley!(:

& I am doing a BEAUTY GIVEAWAY!!


go enter, thanks♥

MissBrunzy says:

I don’t spend major money on purses but this seriously has me thinking, I am so in love!!!

18rumple says:

Purses are purse-onal lol! If my bf goes into my bag, any of them (purse, backpack, my little sport bag I use as my barn purse…) he gets in trouble haha

casoncat says:

Hey guys, my name is Sonja and I just started my own beauty channel 2 weeks ago. It is so much fun to share my love of makeup with others =) It would be great if you checked out my channel and subscribed if you like it! Thank you and have a great day whatever you’re up to! =)

HopeLoveAndCandy says:

I think vinegar and water would work for cleaning most things. Just make sure you try it in a small hidden spot first to make sure it doesn’t mess with the color of the item you are cleaning first. To be on the extra cautious side if your bag is leather you leather cleaner.

GaGa4Kate says:

you look really pretty tiff!

MakeupByTiffanyD says:

haha isn’t it crazy?!

rhythmbandit11 says:

Tiffany, you mentioned cleaning your wallet with a little bit of vinegar mixed with water. Do you have any other tips on how to take care of wallets/bags? I find that I often don’t use my more expensive bags because I don’t want them to get dirty, lol…and I’m not sure how to clean them.

mskweenofspades says:

gorgeous bag, im so jealous!

SushiLover1990 says:

please, open a PO Box 🙂

Bailey Layne says:

That bag is gorgeous! You have such good taste! 🙂

missnanilynn says:

Hey guys! I am new to YouTube and have just started my own beauty channel. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could check my channel out and help support my channel by subscribing! Thank you so much! 🙂

1021alexandra says:

I remember when you got that wallet. You and Lorraine driving in the little ford focus hahaha Gee, it’s been THAT long already??? 0.0

1021alexandra says:

I remember when you got that wallet. You & Lorraine driving around LA in the little Ford Focus. Haha gee, it’s already been THAT long?? 0_0

rayytizzle says:

High Tea is one of my favorites as well! 🙂

supercooln2009 says:

This is by far my favorite “what’s in my bag” video, that I’ve seen so far! Your so beautiful inside and out! I just love your channel ♡♥

goodriddance856 says:

I wish I could afford half the stuff in this video.

GlamourKillsTian says:

where do you get the chanel mirrors?? I carry my powder with me but I’m always so worried that it will shatter

anngee123456 says:

I wish they still sold that necklace.

Karli H says:

What is the style name/# of your Ray Bans?

BubblingSyphilisSund says:


Sonya Cheema says:

I love how you answer comments; it’s so unlike any of the other beauty/fashion gurus on youtube[= I really like your videos, you’re one of my favorites!!<3

ilovedorney23 says:

i love your purse it’s beautiful. i love big bags that holds a lot of stuff. they come in handy a lot for me.

berrymerry28 says:

hey Tiffany i love your videos! you’re so pretty and give i ALWAYS look forward to your videos! I was just wondering, i have heard you say in your videos that you find certain powders such as the covergirl and the maybelline rewind powders a dupe for the mac ones. If that is the case, why do you still continue to use the MAC powder? have you found anything new about these powders that made you stop using them? 🙂

Guhbubbish says:

Great video! Love all your LV pieces!!

Tiana Cosby says:

Tiffany this is so random but I just love your eyebrows there on point girl 🙂

Kiara C says:

Love your videos so much Tiffany! I think Hi-Tea has been in all of your what’s in my bag videos lol. 🙂

Bentley Bryant says:

will you please do an updated room tour?! im new to your channel and i am OBSESSED with your room and closet spaces!!

avery l says:

kissesangelbaby . blogspot dot com

Maradubois says:

Hi, can you telle me the name of the brand of Lipstick that you show in 4 th min of your video, just after the gloss Chanel. Thanks. Take care.

Ines M says:

I loooove you!!! 🙂 <3

Adriloves03 says:

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BeautyByNicoleAnn says:

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Elizabeth Lemon says:

Ahhh this is the most perfect bag I have ever seen!! I want!! 😀

sarawalsh003 says:

Love those sunglasses! What style of Raybans are they?

PamLikesBlue says:

You have a lot of LV stuff haha 😀 how cool

nina12345678917 says:

this reminds me to clean out my bag lol

fashiongirlforever99 says:

Thanks for the answer;)

Tiff m says:

Holy crap that was an expensive bag. I agree with you though. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a bit if you are gunna wear it alot and know you’ll wear it forever.

exotichris24 says:

Bag looks like the ones at Target

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