WHAT’S IN MY BAG? louis vuitton alma bb

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Angie Ferrara says:

Love this bag in Olive. You look great as well.

annilynedr says:

such a cute bag! The color looks great on you!

cocacola988 says:

U look pretty tall though, I’m only 166cm Im afraid the gm will be too big, but ya your right the pm is tiny. I wish they would make a mm

lodymoon says:

Are you part Arabian? , you are so pretty
I love your videos

LEASHTheseDOGS says:

How tall are you?

ariellecristiana says:

shopbop or barneys websites 🙂

ariellecristiana says:

i tried on both but the smaller size was too small for me and the big one was massive

TripleMintVintage says:

Those mints ARE addicting!

Misfit0527 says:

Love the shades, name please and where I can get a pair?

cocacola988 says:

Which size goyard did u try on?

Judith Vargas says:

Questions! If you had to choose Just one of your designer bags wich would it be? What’s your dream bag? If you ever had a kid would you dress him/her with designer items? (Lol)

Wang Penny says:

This video makes me want a ALMA BB now!!!

FriskyDelight says:

Love this bag so much! I have been thinking I investing in the Alma BB for over a year now. I can’t seem to make up my mind! Haha. 🙂

Alecia Lewis says:

A few question for the q&a. 1. What’s your ethnicity? 2.What did you major in schools and how did you decide (I’m an undecided student right now.) 3. Talent you wish you had. 4 Gulity Pleasures (food, TV shows, books, etc.) 5.

StyleSweetie says:

Hi Hun! I really enjoy your vids and always support by liking and all that jazz! I’m a uk fashion stylist and it would make my day if you could return the love at check out my channel. I’d love to hear from you there! Have a great weekend. Jess xx

ariellecristiana says:

when i tried it on it just felt extremely delicate and it didn’t seem to look right on me for some odd reason. also, from what i’ve heard if you don’t baby them they don’t hold up all that well… i’ve seen loads of women with the handles on their goyard totes peeling/ripping due to carrying to much weight and i just kept thinking about that so it kind of put me off 🙁

ariellecristiana says:

IDK why i said nanoS! i only have one but i must subconsciously want another one lol! and i hope you’re enjoying your alma bb they are just the cutest

ariellecristiana says:

thanks 🙂 omg i don’t know why the raspberry tastes so weird to me lol

ariellecristiana says:

thank you! and i will do a more in-depth review on the bag in the future 🙂

ariellecristiana says:

i think i’ll do a makeup tutorial eventually but i use the anastasia brow powder to fill in my brows 🙂

Aya AH says:

How did you fill in your eyebrows? love love them!
You should do an updated make up tutorial because your face looks flawless!

LivinLifeRomeStyle says:

When you know more about the bag please do a review or a video on your favorite mini bags would be cool too! Love your videos!

Lisa Bowie says:

Hi like the video, and I love the Raspberry

Kaia Ad says:

Please do an in dept review on this bag hun. thinking about purchasing xx

eleishakang says:

love your videos! 

Isabelle C says:

What do you do for a living? How do you afford all these designer clothes? I love ur style btw.

califemme3 says:

wait did you say Celine nanos as in plural?! I’m asking if you bought another one because I have one and adore it so much I am seriously thinking of another color but I have been telling myself that would be crazy lol. I wouldn’t feel so bad if you had two as well! btw I also have a alma bb, great minds think alike haha 🙂

cocacola988 says:

can you please do a review on the celine trapeze 😀

cocacola988 says:

can I ask what turned you down about the goyard because I’m thinking of getting one as well, thanks!

RachJLS4ever says:

Love this bag 🙂 hoping to get my pm Alma soon ! Such a classic bag 🙂

buddievy says:

Please let me know what your shirt is from? I have been looking for a perfect one for a while and i think this might be it. Is it current season?

Amy Hamilton says:

You’re so beautiful! What do you work as? X

Ohlala lynnie says:

this bag is so freaking cute! i love it and the color you chose c’est magnifique! im going to start saving for it starting today maybe in 2 years i can buy. Mejejeje ;p~~~~~ ok i got to the section about q&A’s i dont have twitter i am one of those folks that actually hates twitter ill ask here si? work- what do you do?

adesuwa1989 says:

does this bag have feet? and how much was it in paris? love your videos!

G Kilroy says:

Ps if you want anything from Paris , Nice or ST tropes let me know..!

G Kilroy says:

Ps…when I’m in Paris next month I’m thinking of the suede sofia coppola…know you have one…LOVE/HATE or blah get something else..????x

messfromnowhere says:

I like how everytime you make a video makes me smile;)

MsLuckythecat says:

Hey, just found your channel – was searching for a review on the celine nano! I am obsessed with mini bags at the moment and never even considered LV. Any other mini suggestions?

idig says:

Haha, girl, I swear you have every single bag I dream of 🙂

Penny Hyde says:

Hey Arielle, I was wondering what you think of the mini pashli satchel and the balenciaga mini. Also what’s some of the bags that are on your wishlist to buy next? I love love love watching your videos, mainly your handbag videos and your vlogs. I love your taste and your style. I seriously admit to watching your vids every night, they honestly make my day. Lol. Thank you for the awesome vids!!

Coconutfaith says:

Love your style….I am thinking of visiting Miami…what places would you recommend to eat, shop, hang out at?

SmartCookie089 says:

I put niagara lipstick on my shopping list.
What designer handbags are the best for someone that is starting to purchase in investment pieces?

ec796 says:

Who are your style icons?

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