What’s in my Bag – Chanel 2.55

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What’s in my Chanel 2.55??! WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME ———————————————————————————— VLOG CHANNEL: http://w…

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Ana Ros Marrero says:

I meant that her b-day is coming up in my previous comment. Thank you!

Ana Ros Marrero says:

Does anyone know the price of the specific bag she has? It’s my mom’s b-day and she loves Chanel. Thank you!

Kate Malone says:

Look at you, rockstar, talking about your Chanel bag with an axe in the background..! 😉

Stephanie Ding says:

just fyi, atypical means the exact opposite of typical…

Maria Zarifi says:

I didnt catch the name of the perfume?

Katya Schur-Narula says:

tell her on Twitter so she sees it!

Adriana Lam says:

please do a makeup tutorial, i love your makeup in this vid:D

unknownlove19 says:

she has one on her second channel 🙂

Becca B says:


Celinesbeautylife1 says:

I really hate the battery from my iphone as well it’s so annoying! Your bag is so pretty!

Alice May says:

No purse or money?

ClaresWithBeauty says:

where can you buy a chanel bag?

Zena Landru says:

Her job is YouTube 😀 She has a YouTube partnership that allows her to make money on here. Pretty amazing job if you ask me 🙂

Daisy Hanako says:

Nooooooo I wanted to see what iPhone case in your last video,it looked like a Chanel perfume bottle please could you say where you got it from? Thank you!:) xx

Polly L says:

what do you do for a job that allows you to spend so much??

heyemmiee says:

i love how she just threw her keys..:)

Oda Helene says:

love this video

Fleursdelynn says:

Yes we need that

Hélène Ellen says:

You always have gorgeous bags. Could you do a “Bag Collection”? That ll be awsome 🙂
You are always so chic 

Maliha Intikhab says:


KSVejen says:


angelheadlove says:

i couldnt add a link but if you go to newegg.com and put in 9SIA1PU0NE4816 as the item number, you will get the phone case she has….

therealsugareyeliner says:

Love that bag!

KSVejen says:

Do you have a link for the iPhonecase?:)

Razan Suleiman says:

Fleur would you please give us outfit ideas for denim shirts, I loved the one you’re wearing and got out and got one but I don’t know what to wear it with!

Craftywithfelt says:

I have that mirror!!!

Ella Diniz says:

Hey gorgeous! o love you videos so much ! So, I just started my channel and blog. Im Brazillian and i will be doing videos related to brazilian lifestyle/fashion and beauty ! Come and check it out for brazil’s beauty trick and secrets ! Thanks a lot 🙂



paulineblundell1 says:

This was an email sent to her online shop, concerning order.now all im saying is (before anyone else has a pop) that surely she is selling goods online that if I have an issue that I would at least be contacted within a week of sending that email ???? I sent an email to vivianne westwood’s shop awhile back had a response within 24 hrs…..now are you really expecting me to believe that fleurdeforce is more well known????? Please!!!!! So customer service she has not

Shawnie Guy says:

Have you not thought about how many emails/comments/questions etc she gets a day? She wouldn’t be able to see all of them unless she sat at her computer 24hrs a day,

stevensgirlohio says:

I love this bag !!!!

RoxyYukiViolet says:

Omg.. What’s on your nails??? I’m in love with it 3

Aria lovetutu says:

I love this bag so much and have been wanting to buy it since forever … but its too expensive :/

stop4roses says:

Can you make a tutorial on this look please Fleur? 😀

MissYanYiBeautynLife says:

i wish my bf would get me a chanel for my bday lol!

chiaraaaxox says:

I’m still at school and ever since I was 11 I’ve always carried around way more stuff then I actually need. I carry pretty much every school bag on my right shoulder so after a couple of years my right shoulder would hurt whenever I carried a heavy bag and sometimes it would hurt even if I wasn’t carrying a bag. If 15 (16 in 3 months!) and it hasn’t hurt for awhile so I think it sorted itself. I have absolutly know idea why I have just told you this 🙂 xx

beth bueno says:

Beautiful bag,and beautiful u:)

Sarah C says:

Love that bag

stephhillam says:

U look really pretty in this video 🙂

hevdog97 says:

hii! 🙂
ive just recently started my youtube channel and if anyone reading this could maybe check out my channel and give me feedback and POSSIBLY subscribe then that would mean so much to me! and it would definatly make my day 🙂
also if your a new youtuber plleeasee message me aswel because id love to help you get started with your channel aswel 🙂
thanks for reading

Lexi D says:

U r not old

JustLookingForLove13 says:

You look so gorgeous! Love the makeup in this vid. 🙂

paulineblundell1 says:

MimiMz1 who are you and arnt you fed up chewing on fleurs Dingle berry’ s????

paulineblundell1 says:


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