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Hello beauties! I wanted to share with you some of the stuff I got for Christmas (and a haul in between). This is not meant to brag or emphasize my material …

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savannahandstuff says:

Oooo, love the lashes!!

chaosthao2009 says:

I love that you are so raw, real and honest. I’ve never looked at your
videos and say that you’re bragging or all about labels. I appreciate that
you’re open with your lifestyle. Love your videos and keep on inspiring
other people’s light through your own. Happy holidays and the best to a new

Zoly Kao says:

Daisy i love ur makeup ur lashes ur contacts what u want to do or spend its
ur money u do what makes u happy i agree with the other viewers retarded is
an offensive word…i have a mentally challenge brother i dnt..really used
the word retarded tho..cuz it just dnt..sounds rite… but i love ur hauls
at least u could afford it..some of us cannot afford what u can…i have a
family i have kids i have bills that need to b paid so its hard out here in
the real world

Kim Tran says:

Hun you are sitting WAY too close to the camera… Couldn’t see any of the
clothes properly 

hyun seul says:

Your makeup here suits u soo much! Merry Christmas! :D

Marierose Mariano says:

I didn’t understand the point when u said “my brother bought me this jacket
but it’s really my money cuz I give him money” that’s a lil tmi .u could
have just kept going without it . At least he thought of u right?. And the
word retarded is not a smart thing to say especially online 

Dana Lynn says:

What kind of car did you get? You know what, everyone has slipped or
purposely used the word-retard-so you know what Daisy, it’s okay and you
don’t have to apologize to every person who writes about how offended they
are bc you used the word. It’s okay people, really it will be okay. 

Fernanda Damazo says:

I admire you daisy cuz’ you are a hardworking level-headed person you are
someone to look up to the things you have are because of your hardwork and
determination!! Congrats but don’t forget your to fill your soul with good
qualities money can’t buy. I love your videos <3

LilyBeauty says:

You got amazing things! So jealous! Both coats look gorgeous! I think you
should keep them lol loving your makeup look 🙂 you are gorgeous like

Janice Guo says:

the red burberry is amazing!!! honestly, it looks perfect on you! 

Pb Pink says:

black one is way better, you will have forever – return the red………

CookieBear2424 says:

Honestly i think you should keep both coats. They are both very fitting and
they both look Amazing on you :3

justanotherazngirl says:

I really admire how motivated and driven you are Daisy. Kudos to you (:

xxanime2014xx says:

I am in the same place in my life, wanting to try and establish myself as a
savvy, independent woman, and I’m so glad to see another girl out there
that loves the make up and fashion, yet still wants to be smart financially
and worldly about what she does. Thank you for talking through some of
these things. 

Veronica says:

Dear God, this is whats wrong with the world today. A nearly thirty years
old spoiled rotten kid. Me me me me me me me me… Investments?!?

mariajose1131 says:

I’m sorry but ur contacts freak me out. They look like zombie or vampire or
demon eyes. The iris looks too big on ur eye shape. I know they are suppose
to be like that for a “doll” eye but idk they almost black out all off ur

Gabriela Alicea says:

you talk to much omg edit please,cuz i like some of your videos

EndlessSky says:

When you were talking about your new car, it reminded me that my car got
totaled as of yesterday. It was the other driver’s fault. What kind of car
did you buy? I studied business in college. You shouldn’t pay cash for a
new car because you lost opportunity to use that money for investments.
Time is money. I highly recommend opening up a retirement account like a
Roth IRA. For the average person who doesn’t know how to invest money on
their own, consider paying a visit to a certified financial planner. Be
careful and not get help from a financial planner who acts like a
salesperson. Merry Christmas Daisy. By the way, there isn’t any information
about the giveaway in the info box. 

Brianna Godines says:

U just talk to much 

MissXx39 says:

Around 9:26 anyone else noticed that ? Hah :p

Btw which lashes do you have on ? They look good :D

aimeedd345 says:

Retarded is an offensive word don’t use it. Really makes you seem

Dana Lynn says:

Where you buy Clark’s shoes at? 

AlexxxandraV says:

Daisy you awesome like always!!!! If you waste and spend and it’s tons of
money on what you do it your problem. You work so hard and you invest so
much in your company the heck yeah you should have the right to spend how
you want. Every one everyone loves the good life and expensive stuff.
Anyways I enjoy all of your videos and merry Christmas. 

Beautybri14 says:

Great things! I’m also happy that that you had an amazing Christmas. I
actually made the same video and it would be awesome if you could check it
out and maybe give it a thumbs up? I did the same for yours. Keep up the
great work with the editing btw 🙂 

Nicole Ernst Boris says:

Love color but I’d go with the black trench:)

vjw227 says:

Please do your makeup like this all the time. The cut crease fake crease
isn’t too flattering. 

Emily Murray says:

keep both coats!! the black is very versatile but the red looks AMAZING!!
Then you don’t need to worry about buying another coat for awhile :)

Ciao Nini says:

Hey you. Yeah, you right there reading this.

jennilcee says:

Keep both coats:) I love the red one.. But the black is gorg as well. Plus
black is my favorite color:) lol .. U got some awesome gifts.

makeupbymaria says:

Keep both jackets!! They are both gorgeous 

kittenlove84 says:

….uhh loved everything about this until you started dropping the r word.
Its not a cuss but it is very hurtful to some people and extremely immature
and un lady like. 

alinasvids says:

i feel like you should keep the red coat, but you could use the money for
something else, especially if you already have one or two!

tiffany gonzalas says:

I personally like the red coat better, on you and in general

Samuel Jurgensen says:

The shoes aren’t that bad! Work them and ignore the haters 🙂 happy

Sally Jung says:

The red looks better on you. Keep it. As for the black it looks OK.

Nada A says:


musiclover Tris says:

Love the red coat a bit better than the black one and i love your videos u
r so amazing at what you do and u r like a role model to me i hope i can
also be as successful like you are 🙂 

Yokittyx K says:

the light is too bright

Hayleigh Tomek says:

Your feet aren’t retarded. As someone who works with special needs children
and has all the love in the world for them I am incredibly offended.

oozingcooleli says:

Great video and i respect youre point of view about having your own and
investing . Awesome!

Brenda Sauceda-Mendoza says:

Keep the red one! Definitely makes u look amazing! !

maeie4 says:

I love the red coat:)

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