What fits inside a vintage Christian dior saddle bag & double saddle handbag great comparison

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Thank you for watching hope this review was helpful many thanks xx

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Aussie Dee Ward says:

Pretty bags! Did you end up repairing the Valcro on the larger bag?

The Valencias says:


Bonkers 24 says:

I really like the larger one. The strap is a cute touch. I carry huge bags. You never know when you might need something!! HA HA Everything but the kitchen sink kind of bag.

Sly 2102 says:

Love the saddle! It was the dream bag of mu 20's… and i was a poor student I couldn't afford it 20 years ago… So I have bought mine vintage, last year in a japanese consignment store for 150 Euros… Definitely no regret!

St.ar763 X says:

Both look really nice on you Jayne great video as always xxx

Sue Berry says:

Both look stunning on you Jayne get a card holder to put couple notes in and cards then u don’t need a purse ! Xx

Laurie Walton says:

Omg I love them hun 🌺💜🌸💕🦋💫🧚‍♂️xxx

Elizabeth Hogg says:

Cute bag .. you need too down size ..Even smaller ..all you need is lipstick . Phone and a tiny purse .. also use the zip pocket .. for something .. love the strap ..💋👯X

Anne Jensen says:

I am at home sick today so seeing this just made my day! I don't really get the small saddle bag – the shape and size just seems so unpractical and the bigger version just looks so much better when worn! Would you consider doing a full bag collection?

Åshild Kvam says:

I am so inlove with this bag right now 😍

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