Welcome to the world of Bang & Olufsen

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A unique look inside the world of Bang & Olufsen production and test facilities – where the magic is made, and made to last.

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Bang & Olufsen says:

Hi SCB13Eagle, the speaker in 0:42 is BeoLab 11. You can experience more
here: http://bit.ly/1zjuZsl
Best regards, the Bang & Olufsen Social Media Team

Bang & Olufsen says:

Thanks a lot! We’re happy to hear that you like our products and that
you’ve been a fan for so many years.

slimetcake says:

It’s like Apple, just more expensive. The design is fantastic though.

Ravi Patel says:

Sennheiser is still the world leading company. Bang and olufsen has a long
way to go

richard murphy says:

WADDUP with the Smokes

Chen Yang says:

Amazing Ad with excellent music.
Does anyone know the music ?

Gurdeep Singh says:
puffer1958 says:

That was great. I am 56 and bought a Beomaster 1800 in new 1978. I believe
that I was the youngest person to ever do such. I was 19 making less than
$4 an hour and paid every cent of it with my own money. I recall reading in
their literature that they had confirmed consumers ranging from a train
brakeman to a Neurosurgeon. I wanted to add laborer to that on the “bottom”
end. I still have my B&O in a drawer.

Tyler Eberhardt says:

I love how this ad has an ad

Dex Wilson says:

Are you telling the world that you still value human labor or are you
suggesting that you are close to replacing humans with robotic production
units? I really do wonder who will be listening to what you produce fifty
years from now? Humans, or artificially produced “non humans?”

Emmanuel Herrera says:

B&O just look expensive and luxury but talking about audio, they aren’t
good at all.

mi chuan says:

what’s the background music on the video? please..

Alan Khaw says:

Hello, may I ask if you do any complete hi fi and control systems for my
apartment in the UK?

Poul Hansen says:

You pay for the design.

Becks Aivids says:

wow 100% Original.

Rommel Fon Rahm says:

Very good quality! Highly cultural manufactoring! I’m interesting also
about ecological aswpects of manufactoring, “Bang & Olufsen”, please, tell
us about your ideas directed to our inviroment protection. And some
personal question))) were can I take the musik from video in heigh

Mahmood Shaikh says:

Could someone please tell me where this music is from?

Michael Southcott says:

music exceeds Vangelis quality….amazing video \ its beginning to feel
like the 21st century finally

Fabulous Shawn says:

Simply stunning!!!! Almost all of their forms should go to MOMA as a
permanent piece!

İsa Orkun Fidan says:

Products are awesome and designs are priceless.

renato iannone says:
Yosef Pradibto says:

so beautiful, I cried.

Toko Nibo says:

to nice

Paulo cesar says:

Best ISO !
happy birthday Bang & Olufsen…..

Akeem Bruce says:

they test the box that the product is shipped in. 

SCB13Eagle says:

How is the speaker in 0:42 called?

Blitz says:

People talking bad about these products just don’t have the money to buy em


what crap.boring as sin…poor saps who but anything from these muppets..

Achim Bundy says:

Does anyone know the title of the music and the artist?

AutomaticMilk says:

B+O = Not very good… an exercise in form over function…. and not very
nice form at that…similar to Dyson vacuum cleaners they all look like a
product designers wet dream. I have a pair of Celestion Ditton 15XR’s that
sound better than anything B+O have designed. 

Mahmood Shaikh says:

I listened to Largo – Sogni di Natura 1 Con Suoni Della Natura (Shazam), it
sounds completely different

Lawrence818 says:

So Bang & Olufsen didn’t care to get a little richer with using the
Chinese? They could have hired one to smoke cigerets in the chamber for the
price of the cigarets I’m sure!

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