We Spy: HOW Much Will a Chanel Bag Cost Next Year?

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SO SORRY FOR THE UPLOAD MISTAKE!*** Fashion trends may come and go, but Levi’s knows the secret to style that stands the test of time. That’s why we partn…

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marniciple says:

i think these videos are under viewed 

Kitaara3 says:

Chanel is exploiting their fan base to the max!!! That same bag costs $6500
here in Australia! Please stop buying Chanel bags…the demand is pushing
up the price to exorbitant extremes! Soon that bag will $10 000. 

IchNaturally says:

I always enjoy these segments. Jordan you ROCK! I’m not sure what makes
Katherine Schwarzenegger a lifestyle expert, but perhaps I just need to
move out from under that rock where I live, c’est la vie… 

Suchitra Malvankar says:

I missed you +Jordan Feldman in the last episode great to see you back

ScarsdaleNewYork says:

For a fact check, I went to Chanel today, 12/31/14, the increase was only
9% not 15% as they claimed here

tramanh nguyen says:

Did you enjoy your vacation Jordan? ‘Cause you look tan and glowing.. ;))

1987jetaime1987 says:

can u have your guests show their outfit … maybe at the end of the show.
it will be nice to see them…even you guys standing at some point. i
think i love katherine’s outfit…except i don’t know how the top falls.
great show btw..such a nice mix of personalities. i really appreciate
jordan’s feistiness. 

Mariah Fernandez says:

First time watching this. I’m in love. Jordan, you are awesome 🙂
P.s. so is everyone else. 

beachbum285 says:

LOVE Meg’s shoes! What are they?

Adrian Rami says:

in under 3:30 the asian girl and the guy mispronounced designer names they
have no credibility 

Gifty Houmard says:

I love the pin thing, you always make me happy :):)

thebirdisblue says:

This is my favourite show on Youtube 😀 

Gifty Houmard says:

Jordan is always the judge why ? i wanna see him practicing too :):)

GorgeousGabbe says:

Katherine is drop dead gorgeous!! 

Julialikestosing says:

You guys are so great and it´s so weird how only so few people are watching
this. I don´t even watch it for the fahsion I guess because it´s a little
out of my price range, but for your characters (still a lot of fashion
inspiration tho). You seriously are amazing! x

Özge Tirpan says:

3250 $ for a bag!!!! Come on, most of the people don’t earn that much money
within a month! Jesus, what is wrong with these brands? By the way, I love
Meg’s shoes. Great episode guys and Jordan, don’t make us miss you 🙂 

Natoya Hall says:

Wow this is so fun. I love it! 

ShopSRJ says:

Jordan is just everything!!! Love the show xo 

MrFabulous308 says:

I just wanna say that I am loving these shows more and more each time!! I
literally laughed and cried through this. Keep them coming(: 

Ta Mali says:

Thumbs down for the commercial but seriously it’s usually one of my fav
show ever like over fashion police for sure lol

Netta Myöhänen says:

I hate thet there is so many levi’s commercials. I understand like “and
this is brought to yiu by levi’s” but now it’s just too many. I love the
show but i can’t take the adds

danarae4 says:

What student of any kind can afford $595 shoes….?

Oliver McErlean says:

Ugh. Why do Americans feel like they gave to shout? This isn’t the fifties.
Our microphones are fine. And if you want to be cool, treat students like

Emma T says:

I LOVE everyone on this show! This is my favourite show to watch when I
come home from work! (And I don’t even have a TV lol). 

kimberley hiu says:

This is so fun to watch! Please do more !!!!

edona asani says:

I feel really bad for that kid but I don’t get it why don’t his parents
support him anymore.

Nona Best says:

I’m watching the show because Jordan is in it <3

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