Vogue’s How To: Chanel Evening Make-Up Tutorial

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Want the perfect night-time look?

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Ruselle Alinea says:

What blush did she used?

UrbanBeauty24 (Karina Bañuelos) says:

oh my goodness I'm in love with this look. how are her lashes so long??? I'm so jealous ? and what mascara is that? it looks so intense

Maddie Zieglar says:

so beautiful

MsFreeestyler says:

just gonna.. :-D

Katya Kodjoian says:

How many times did she say "I'm just gonna"? Good video overall.

Evelyn Vasquez Reategui says:

Shadows name pls??

kwell birdon says:

Absolutely gorgeous look, Brava! 

Like for Like says:

Who better to give you a 'night out' tutorial than Chanel?

krankenheim13 says:

Glowy?  More like greasy.

marianne836022 says:

Beautiful look! Does anyone know the name of the eyeshadow palette?

tash palvin says:

The model reminds me of Edie Sedgwick 

Zola Bold says:

Love the look and the model is soooo beautiful!

Melisa Akay says:

I love this look because its very easy and not intimidating, 

Ruth Leslie says:

i LOVE zoe's nail colour, is that a chanel one?

Waldorfdarling says:

I'd prefer a more nude lip with this makeup, but that's just me. Beautiful, elegant look. Will try.

dazeandamuse says:

Such a gorgeous look! Loved the eye makeup – polished but with a bit of edge x

Esther C says:

This was an amazing tutorial. The model is so pretty. And I love the makeup artist's nail polish!

warofhearts says:

thats really easy to follow, thank you!

Rosie says:


Natalia Li says:

it would be so helpful if you could list the products used

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