Vogue Editors BEEF With Fashion Bloggers At Milan Fashion Week!

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Arden Rose weighs in on the growing tension between vogue and bloggers.

“There’s a rivalry in the fashion world that seems to be reaching a boiling point, and we’re not talking Stephanie Seymour verus Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.
This week, a few top Vogue editors sat down to discuss — and publish — their thoughts on Milan Fashion Week. But while Gucci, Versace, and Bottega Veneta were certainly covered, another common theme was touched upon at length: the editors’ utter disdain for fashion bloggers and ‘influencers’, whom one went so far as to call ‘pathetic’.
While Vogue’s readership reaches far and wide, though, those very bloggers have quite an audience of their own — and they didn’t take the criticism lightly. Since the article went live on Vogue.com, several big names like Susie Bubble and Bryanboy have taken to social media to fire back at the fashion bible and accuse them of being a bit hypocritical.”

Read more here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3809981/A-stylish-showdown-Vogue-editors-aim-pathetic-bloggers-sit-row-Fashion-Week-scathing-article-branding-online-stars-desperate-embarrassing.html


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GabzIsaLive says:


gladitsnotme says:

Vogue is disgusting so it's hilarious how the bougie editors got called out on their lite misogyny. Skin the Cruellas for all I care.

Maria Angstmann says:

Yes, fashion is all about innovation and change. That is why social media and bloggers are a such a big part of the fashion world nowadays.
What the editors are criticizing, are not bloggers per se, but the way that brands and bloggers exploit each other for sales and good money. Bloggers are aware of the important influence they have on fashion and in Vogue's opinion, they are exploiting it.

Warren Pasi says:

As a style blogger who does this full-time being paid to wear an outfit is a part of mine and every other style bloggers job it's how a lot of us make money. Alot of us work our asses off to pull into fruition the collaborations, campaigns and content we create which is just as good (if not sometimes better) as what vogue produces in less time, with half or in most cases none of the resources and manpower media giants like vogue are so lucky to have at their disposal. Vogue like many big media giants are just a bunch of mean girls who instead of looking at what us Style Bloggers don't do well enough and build something off of that instead hurl abuse our way because they can't deal.

Korben B says:

Omg Caroline Vreeland's sister goes to my rival school

Marie says:

I'm confused as to why they went crazy after he said "digital editor .." ????

Nicola Locke says:

So vogue are going after there future. Either work with the times or get out.

Brad Power says:

Does anyone else see this as a power struggle? The people in power (Vogue) fear losing the power, authority and influence to drive fashion and make millions in an age where a "gorilla" image of fashion from anyone on the street could become a viral sensation that drives Vogue to react instead of lead.

Kathleen Swift says:

Wow, interesting shirt Brett.. What did Sam think?

No says:

Vogue lost cool points the minute they put Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on their covers and called them 'Supermodels'. From Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell to….. Kendall Jenner. Bye.

Alen_Egre T says:

So, Vogue don't like people hungry for attention…Kim, Kanye, Kendall.

Anthony K says:

And based on how they dress, not a single Vogue "fashion" editors have any business telling people what to wear.

Unless Dingbat Conspiracy Aunt look is in

cheong728 says:

Brett is the only one who go it right, Sam is just a bleeding heart stupid. The whole pt of the debate is – are most bloggers who don't buy the clothes are given the clothes and asked to parade in front of photographers, hoping to have their picture taken so they can continue to borrow clothes and be photographed in them, is that pathetic and desperate? These bloggers are wearing what the designers want them to wear, not necessarily what they want to wear, their like unpaid models who deny they are advertising.

geniuswondergirl says:


Kaylee says:

i'm 100% with brett on this one lol.

MOTat18 says:

It was so funny watching Sam read this because it was so obvious which side she fell on even before the others started talking. Saying that she couldn't understand what the Vogue editors were saying? Please, unless you don't understand English you knew what they were saying. And trying to make this about female empowerment? Why does something dealing with women always have to boil down to female empowerment? This was fashion bloggers vs. Vogue editors, not "correct way to empower females 101." I just find it frustrating when people bring up issues where it clearly is not.

Stephen Wesley says:

i agree body stereotype say this body type better or more phsical attractive is wrong belittle to women seif esteem seif worth all that matter is your looks objectification women based sexual objectification as sex objects not as human being that have feels hope dreams maybe should focus on intelligence women are more than just there beautful bodies but that is culture we live in sexist world base female looks on what they are worth not intelligence stronger independent seif made we need smart talented young ? is major turn on Have Great day peace ? all Sam Grace Brett

MissDaniBani says:

The comments these women made make me so angry. Like, petty, jealous, petulant much? Vogue is just butt hurt that they are losing their authority to tell people the only thing that is right to wear anymore… but guess what every written form of these archaic "news" systems is going through the same thing bc internet. Get with the f*cking times, or hire bloggers for your magazine OR DO IT YOURSELF and see if you do it better … do not however, come down on other younger women for figuring out their own way to make it in the world just because it doesn't fit with the dime sized perspective that you and your other miserable co workers share in your one tower. BYE. #endrant

Beto camarena says:

I totally agree with Grace…that's why as models we don't really have a voice…till now.

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