Vlogmas Day 19 + 20 | Star Wars + Christmas Time in Thessaloniki!

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Vlogmas Day 19 + 20: we watched the new Star Wars movie and saw the Christmas decorations in Thessaloniki!



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lore villa says:

I love your hair 🖤

Tianna Ouellette says:

ouuuu the scenery is beautiful! even though it is after Christmas I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! your editing is AMAZING!!

Sam Valladares says:

It's so cool you got to see Star Wars! I should see it again before it goes out of theaters. Can't believe you fell asleep! 😂

rescue iz love says:

oooh veggie burger!! excellent!!!

Yvonne Mugure says:

You are so stunning!

Lina and Anita says:

you're red hair is amazing! So pretty!Happy that we are subscribed to you 😀

Myriad Musings says:

Loved this vlog. Great hair colour

Lorna Bendol says:

Wow it’s so pretty there and you got a lot of great stuff on your advent calendar. Happy late Christmas and New Year! 😁

Ninochka Rodriguez says:

Yasssss star wars! I loved the movie 🐼🎉 #7 wasn't the best one, my favorites are the original trilogy 💕 I respect if you don't like them, everyone has their own taste 🐼😊 still love your red hair 💕

Sophia Scarlet says:

Wonderful! That mall looks awesome

maggie bell says:

you are so pretty! 😍

Michelle Mays says:

Great vlog and you look absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Panaprium says:

Love your vlogs! Such an inspiration! You are so talented and creative. Glad I found your channel! Cant wait to see more. <3

Ayda Matrouh says:

Great video love, new subscriber to your beautiful channel! 💕


Your hair is my life goal 😭 I had to subscribe before the video even ended because I need that hair inspection in my life

Alicia Mackin says:

That burger looked amazing and your days out and about look fun too. Haha I am watching 7 years of GOT in one week on a marathon. I think GOT is the Star Wars of this generation.

Eve Bowman says:

So pretty! I'm so happy that we got to see your town and how it looks at Christmas 🙂 I hope you vlog more often than before tho. Your vlogs are awesome 🙂

MaryPolka says:

love this city! was there once and I loved it! awesome vlog my friend xx

Beauty by Jas says:

Lovely vlog tfs 👍🏽

HaileyCreates says:

such a cute vlog!! i love it!!❤️

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