VLOG | Shopping at Louis Vuitton & Nordstrom

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Hello everyone!! Thanks for subscribing and for watching my second vlog-style video about my latest trip to Chicago. Here you’ll see me and my friends shoppi…

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trina leavers says:

it looked like you ladies had so much fun, xxxx

Suzanne Marie Scott says:

I love 10 min away from Nordstrom and The Cheesecake Factory but about an
hour away (not including subway time) from Boston LV and Gucci. Planning a
trip up there soon. What an awesome day trip u had

ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

Looks like you girls had such a good time. Beautiful bags by LV. I knew you
were in love with the pink pouchette and accessories. Thanks for taking us
shopping with you all. I really enjoyed this video. 

Bags4Bubbles says:

Loved your vlog, Brook! Great job!! Such a fun day! 🙂 I loved that pink
interior on the Neverfull!! And YAY for macarons, lol!! 😉 

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

That was an awesome vlog video. You ladies looked wonderful and looks like
it was major fun :-)

72Crabadams says:

I just found your channel and subscribed. I’ve been looking for more
style/vloggers our age. Your style and presentation is great.

ddgladiva says:

Loved the video. Looked like you ladies had a great time. I loved the
makeup on you

Victoria Myung Cohen says:

Oh what a fun, full day for you ladies. We moved to San Francisco 2 years
ago but I lived in Chicago for 18 years and all the footage was really
special to watch. We lived near Michigan Ave so I used to shop at the same
LV, Nordstrom and Cartier. I have to say I think shopping is better in
Chicago than in San Francisco, at least for me. I really enjoyed this
vlog… thanks. 

M. Yonder says:

What an awesome day trip! Sofia is the absolute best client advisor

Vanessa Hinds says:

I’m so happy you’re vlogging now! Vlogs are definitely my favorite type of
video. And it’s probably like most things: the more you do it the better
you get at it :)

Shaunna Dickinson says:

What a great vlog!!! Your a pro my friend!!! Mrs. Sassy Pants!! Hahaha!!!
You looked soooo dang tired!! I love vlogs so much fun to see different
places. Even if you just vloged at home I’d be sucked right in to watch
it!! Have a great weekend hun!!!

Natalie Galasso says:

I wanna gooo. Wish I was there. You had so much fun and I need more
friends. <3

arentUlovely says:

I enjoyed your vlog. It looks like you ladies had an amazing time.

The World According To Lisa says:

Just watched bags4bubbles loved it!!!! Great video once again ! Love Lisa 

Goddessof4 says:

Great vlog!! I really miss working on Michigan Ave

Deborah Gibson says:

Hi pink – loved your blog at LV in Chicago. Getting ready for work but will
check out your haul later. Glad you shared your experience with your utuber
friend. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Jen V says:

So much fun! Great memories and lots of laughs :)

T Cole says:

I really enjoyed your VLOG thank you so much

HipChyk says:

Yes, I love your Vlogs, please keep doing more! Loved all the pink lol,
especially the scarf on you & the interior of the bag. What was the name of
the dangly bag charm you were looking at around the 5:40 mark? It was so
pretty! And the make-up looked beautiful on you, did you say you have
braces? I had no idea.

Karen Fisher says:

Love the vlog! You and Di are my favorites! 

chel q. says:

waste of money on a bag.. smh

UltimateDivaStyle TV says:

What a fun shopping day with travel and friends! Thanks for sharing it
with us!

WenD1908 says:

I do miss Chicago…such great shopping…and, of course, the pizza:)

Tami Wright says:

Loved this Vlog! OMG! Love your pink coat as well. Thanks for sharing.
Chicago one of my best shopping places.

BusyBeingMom says:

Great vlog! You did a wonderful job and it looks like you all had a long
but fun day. Thanks for sharing!

fitjock1 says:

love watching the vlog, sure hope you will do more of these. tks

Fran San says:

Fun video and love that lip color on you. I hope you purchased it. What was
the brand? 

Pamelab0215 says:

You may have been tired but you look incredible! Glad that you had a great
day! Yay Girl Time!!

Tara Flinn says:

Love the video just make the volume louder next time

Hungarian LVGirl says:

loved your vlog!!thanks for sharing!! :)

sadiejosiemom says:

What a fun day! Looking forward to seeing what came home with you from LV!

Tiv Taylor says:

Great vlog! 

Fashion786 xx says:

Nicely done….. Hello ladies!!!!

paeeze5 says:

Very nice i enjoy your trip

Layanalanta says:

Great vlog! Keep up the good work!


Nice job on the video. Enjoyed :)

ForeverLOUD1 says:

OMG your sa is the one I ALLWAYS get!!! OMG!!!!

Lori bgeehrrfxesz says:

Great vlog!!

amars374 says:

Great vlog!

mjanuary68 says:

Thanks so much for sharing. I used to live in Chicago I am so homesick
seeing Michigan Ave !!!

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