VLOG: Our Trip to London & Chanel Unboxing!!

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OPEN ME:. Hi Loves, I hope you enjoy our little blog of our trip to London! We had such a good time and since I always get asked to blog our trips in I thou…

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Susan Marie says:

What a beauty! I love your handbag! Congrats on your new baby! :)

trina leavers says:

i just love lambskin huni, stunning bag fab colour, lucky girl ,just
beautiful xoxoxoxo

Jessie France says:

completely unnecessary to buy a bag that expensive.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly says:

Congrats on hitting 37k subscribers Ally!

Tasari says:

beautiful bag congrats!!!

emilieclarke says:

What a BEAUTIFUL day in London!!!
I loved your vlog! More more!
GORGEOUS bag babe! 

JerushaCouture says:

Absolutely stunning my Sweet sweet girl congratulations!!! YAY Kev!!!!!!
Luv Ya Both

ariellecristiana says:

omg that bag congrats!!! it’s beyond gorgeous and i just love the less
structured look <3 ps yes please vlog more 🙂 

MissCrystal says:

Fun video, Ally! Love that bag!

petitepearstyle says:

i’ve only been to london once and your vlog brought back so many fun
memories! i would love to go back one day. what a beautiful chanel – great
choice!! thank you for all the information and modelling shots. :)

Let's go Shopping says:

Damn, how fast was your bf driving at the start??!!

The Fashion Files says:

love this bag!

FashionTeller17 says:

Beautiful bag doll <3 congrats! lol xx

julie miller says:

wow– love that color– i call it honey beige. hard color to find at chanel

Simply Love Bags says:

Congrats Ally! Beautiful new piece to your collection. Thanks for sharing!
Ignore the haters! I really wonder why they still watched your vid??
Jealousy??? # scratch head 

Nicole Galante says:

Such a gorgeous bag! I need one!

Mimi'sFashionLounge says:

Hi Ally, love history myself. Do you remember where you saw the Mr
Selfridge – blue Plank ( i know right! random ). I was surprised when you
said your new baby was beige colour, thought it was pink. Love the bag, I
have a similar style but in Green and it is a Gucci bag. It features in
one of older videos ( a what’s in my bag travel edition), I believe. Check
it out if you have time. Would love a chanel one. I have been holding out
for a PST, but they are seasonal and the GST is too big and boxie for my
frame but have seen a YSL version of the GST, it is lovely, but the website
does not do it justice you have to see them in person. Thanks for putting
the price, that information is so useful when you are thinking of making
such an investment, which a chanel bag is. Please do a what’s my bag
featuring this bag. Love to see the stuff you bought specially for your

CJW says:

Hi Ally, lovely bag indeed! I got my guessing wrong 🙂
The colour suits all your pastel palette beautifully and it reminds me of
that Prada Saffiano Lux Galleria in Cameo that you had a while ago (and
then sold). It is a very versatile colour – tres tres chic! and it can be
worn in winter too. Great choice!
xxx Cat

Advent397 says:

This bag is beautiful with your colouring.

Gigi S. says:

Gorgeous bag! I just got the black caviar maxi last week and I absolutely
love it!

kevin dollx says:

love love

kimberley hughes says:

Lovely totally complements your colouring. Lucky girl looks such soft
leather, if you have the money why not it’s an investment x

Maria Balanza Castelo says:

Great bag never seen that model before colour is beautiful!! Love your
blog!, xx

Bugn LVoe says:

Gorgeous, the color, Ahhhh

DuchessOfFashion says:

Loved the vlog Ally! You should definitely vlog more often & next time show
Kev. :)

MSpanders10 says:

The color is gorgeous! Congratulations to you, can’t wait to see what fits

Brittanie Scott says:

Wow that is a gorgeous bag! Can’t wait for the what’s in my bag video!

Queen of Sheba says:

Congratulations! I loved your vlog too – please do more!! So great to see
a little bit of London too. I think Phil and I are headed over to Paris
for Christmas so will definitely be coming to London! I think we need a
date to Chanel together! Dangerous! xx

JennyErin says:

Love the vlog and love the bag! Looks very practically set up. Congrats on
your new beauty!

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Really lovely

Mer Marbel says:

It looks like the colour of this bag is pinky beige? I think it looks very
nice, better than the other beige bag you had. I hope you will be able to
use this bag even though it is such a pale colour and lambskin.

JU KO says:

Best Chanel bag i have ever seen! Congrats!

The Curly Life says:

Ciao bella! I loved your brief vlog and Adore your new Chanel purchase :D!
Enjoy this beauty!! I bought my 1st Chanel bag last Friday, also did an
unboxing on it. I’m in love with it.. again: Enjoy this beauty! Kiss Sara –
The Curly Life

dougdz11 says:

Such an amazing Chanel piece! <3

Celita Guia says:

This is such a beautiful bag!! Enjoy!!

Isabelle Sch says:

Looooove the bag! I want the WOK in the same color that you have, but it’s
sold out at my local Chanel store, so I have to go on a hunt for it 🙂
Love your ring btw, have to take a look at Zara

Anny D says:

Hi! Can you do a review on you WOC? I’m thinking of buying it and I love
how you review a bag. Thank you

linda chapman says:

omg i cannot ever imagine spending over two thousand pounds for a bag, i
love handbags, but that is an insane amount of money regardless how hard
you work, i would be afraid if it got damaged or stolen, theres a lot i
could do with that amount of money, having said that i have never been
fortunate enough to have that sort of money.. each to there own….

whatlauraloves says:

Beautiful bag, looks great on you and just your style. Currently saving up
for my first Chanel, super excited. Saving for a house deposit too but I’m
more excited about the bag haha xxx

angelbirdbb says:

Beautiful colour of the chanel bag!! Yes….please do more vlogs =)

littlegrasper says:

What a gorgeous beauty!!

Meg Bolderson says:

I probably enjoy blogs just as much as ‘normal’ videos, loved it! Such a
stunning bag. I think whatever you buy from Chanel will always stay
classic, so even though it’s expensive, you can’t go wrong!x

Chanel05 says:

It’s an absolute gorgeous bag!! Congratz!! Xxx

twenty28 says:

BEAUTIFUL bag in the most beautiful shade of pink. Love love love it –

daniela polk says:

Beautiful bag. Congrats. I would love to see a what is in my bag video.

lylarush says:

Sorry forgot to mention… Can you also show what fits in them?

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