Vlog: Louis Vuitton & Ikea!!

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ALL THE DETAILS ARE IN HERE▽▽ Mum & I are back taking you with us on the way to Louis Vuitton Bondi to do an Exchange and hitting up Ikea at tempe Sydney!!…

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louisv83 says:

not even half way through this video and I love it. Your mom has the case
of the giggles. I can’t believe Im going to say this but I would probably
watch your moms videos more then yours .. you know I’m kidding babe. Love
seeing both of you. You have a great bond :)

Cormac IRL says:

YAAAAAAAAY Jillian (and Jerusha) on a Saturday morning!

Your Vlogs should be called the Jerusha and Gillian Show where you go
around shopping (and solving crime)

trina leavers says:

i also call my mum patricia or mummy as i worked with her for years 

JerushaCouture says:

If there is one place to hit to get everything for Ya home its Ikea!!!!!!
Just make sure you can have a coffee.. Ya girl gets tired! 

karena woods says:

Your mum is hilarious, just wondering her appx age please? xx

bjtaylor02 says:

Thumbs up for Jills! It is becoming a family affair 🙂 Loved the vid. 

Laura Greenfield says:

More videos with you and your mom!!!

ShopSRJ says:

I love the Jerusha and Jullian show

Robina Mcknight says:

I had such a great time watching you both

arentUlovely says:

You had me laughing with the IKEA comment: “Your rooms never turn out like
this” :)

xraygigi says:

Great vlog Jerusha and Jillian..loved every second of it!

Jen V says:

Oh. My gosh. Your mother is adorable!!! And when she kissed your shoulder
at the end……..I melted! :)

Gigi S. says:

I call my parents by their name. I’ve done it forever lol they don’t care

Bee Smith says:

Loved this girls day out with your mama. She’s a doll! More videos like
this in the future I hope ;)

lola macnav says:

That’s it I decided your mom needs her own YouTube. She is so cute.

seattle_dove says:

Always fun to watch your vlog!! Btw, your hubby will show up in your video
one day?

Fashionable Lena says:

Loved seeing you with your mom. I lost my mother in 1995, and I know that
if she were still here, we’d shop till we dropped as well. I hope that you
truly appreciate, enjoy, and treasure this time with her. She’s a hoot and
a half!

deequu says:

I’m new here! Can anybody tell me what Jerusha’s job is? And I also guess
she has her own line of bags/wallets/clothes? (:

Jorinda Designs says:

Your mother is an absolute delight! The pair of you together are so lovely.
Great shopping day!

starbljs says:

Your mom is cute! You guys are like me and my Mommy. 

Kirsi Sarjos says:

LOOOVE your sunnies!! Which brand are they?

Robin Hogsten says:

love you and your mom together-again, you look like Khloe and your mom is a
dead ringer for Kris! the Kardashian women 🙂 Have you told your mom? I
bet she gets a kick out of that! Love ya

Panamabeauty Jackman says:

Ms. Jill is just too much. luv these videos

Alisa Nicole says:

The problem with ikea is that the stuff is “good from far, but far from
good”. 🙂 Did you get that cubbie shelving? It’s discontinued here in
Canada, which is too bad cuz it’s good for purses. I love your vlogs with
your mom. You could have an entire separate channel with just you and

Deborah Sutherland says:

Jerusha, the love of a mother is like no other. Sadly I learned that really
late in life, so I enjoy the laughs you share with your mama, thumbs up!
Thanks for taking us along ; )

Sandra Hutchinson says:

Your mom is such a sweetie! 

PaulaJ C says:

Great vid as always! Your mum is amazing, it’s so wonderful to watch her as
she reminds me so much of my own mum who I lost a number of years ago. It’s
so lovely and heart-warming to see the two of you together.

KWS Styling says:

Great Vlog!! Your mom is a natural in front of the camera… she’ll be
taking over your channel soon

Reesh says:

Ur mom is adorable..!!

Cravenn5 says:

Love your vlogs!! Your momzy is absolutely positively wonderful! Loved her

Angela L says:

Best vlog ever. Love your mom

Let's go Shopping says:

Haha oh man your mum is a doll. I lost it at pigs balls, haha

Lovable1108 says:

Absolutely love these vlogs! Your mom is so adorable and I really enjoy
watching her. Please Do more vlogs with your mom and would love to see a
haul of the items you purchased during this shopping trip. Much love from
Los Angeles

Mireille Alkhoury says:

Love your video!! Your mom is so cute! Can’t wait to see your LV reveal!!
Also, as a side note the color “CERISE” is pronounced “Serise” with an “S”
not querise. The SA who told you must have been clueless!! Cerise means
cherry in French! 😉 

Malita Spencer says:

Ikea Hall please! I am a Jerusha fanatic lol. And have turned my daughter
into a fan as well. We watch together her in California. You are our
Jer-ru-ru, ha I can’t believe I just told you that. Any hoo. Haul out my
dear, we’ll be watching

GaetaneBabs says:

omg your mom cracks me up, you have turned her lose Jerusha. haha love to
see you two together just hanging. Cheers from Canada – Gaetane :)

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