Vivienne Westwood MAN – Autumn/Winter 2016-7 – Milan Fashion Week

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Politicians R Criminals / COP 21 is a lie – say one thing + mean another. Business as usual will kills us. A green economy will save us.

Be Specific – #MANAW1617

Be Specific: Save Venice – Stop the Cruise Ships –
Be Specific: Save our Rainforest – Cool Earth –
Be Specific: Save our Ocean – Stop $ubsidies to Industrial Fishing –
Be Specific: You – switch to Green Energy –

I like Save OUR Rain Forest
Save OUR Ocean
Who do OUR! politicians think they are?
Who gives them the right to WRECK the Earth?

Music written & produced by Dominik Emrich

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Miguel angel Kiro Irizarry says:


Brandon Henley says:


Pedro Hermano says:

So fucking exciting

lee ki yoon says:

all song name list please get some know me

beavisbonce says:

Too much Andreas drag influence

antonio xgp says:

name of the song????

RubiMercuri says:

love her omg

Mandoss says:

<3 as always

nacho yane says:

Great show and music!

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