Versace Women’s SS14 Fashion Show

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21st Century Versace — new ease, rock energy, effortless luxury.
The richness of Versace meets the attitude of the street, creating a fresh reality for day, and a powerful statement at night. #Versace #VersaceWomenswear
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Aleccej Kraftcoff says:


Brent Corpuz says:

im no expert with these stuffs but i think the outfit at 4:38 doesn't look good on the model's body type at all..

peter sin says:

Lindsey wixson 🙂

gen ken says:

Very u versace

STONECOLD1987 says:

Why do models today have to be so serious?? It doesn't make it enjoyable to watch, really. Like smile, make it look sexy at least. They've lost their touch, modeling doesn't just mean go out there walk normal to show off the fashion, make it interesting.

Alejandro Del Rey says:

I've got the "2014 I AM A FAN" shirt from this collection!

Gianni Simonetti says:

bellissima la modella pag 30 delle spring summer 2014….mi piace tutto di lei come sflia, tutto. anche se èotrebbe camminare ancora meglio con la sforbiciata, lei può.

Tiziana Minazzi says:

Veramente orrenda!!!

Veronica Kinsey says:

Very nice. Love the shoes and styles.

CaptainHookPhD says:

medusa head on me like illuminati

Jessica Cochrane says:

I'm not really a fan of the knee length flaring skirts though

Jessica Cochrane says:

those heels that the models start out wearing are sooo nice

PATRICIA strawn says:

WOW! Such a big fan of your brothers. You're doing a great job!

Wonder Max says:

really amazing collection, but music is so boring

Gerardo Quiterio says:

4:19 *¬* I DIED

AlexThaProduct who says:

Versace everything like im Donatella's cousin


Odio cuando no esta Hd , No se puede ver los detalles de las prendas

abcxyz12345678912345 says:

any chance for HD quality (720p or 1080p)? Thank you.

HAUS of LOV says:

Yes! Medusa everywhere

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