“VERSACE” the best of 2013 / 2014 by Fashion Channel

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“VERSACE” the best of 2013 / 2014 by Fashion Channel
A massive point of discussion this year is punk is in the air. Nobody does it quite like the fashion blonde that needs no introduction: Donatella Versace!!! Her lasts show mixes the attitude of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct and the streets of London in the ’80s. Here we are, on the hunt for street art in total looks VERSACE.
Rockmantic is the theme for this strong in tailoring and rich in patterns 2013 collections. The Rock’n’nRoll erratic print features guitars, flowers and Greek motifs whereas the vintage floral one offers a clash of colorful flowers. The 80s are always a source of inspiration for Donatella Versace who for the collections was partly influenced by Milan’s design movement, Memphis.
Romantic but utterly powerful and glamorous, this spring the Versace woman will easily swap the prints for a jet-black short and sheer blouse ensemble of for a pure white body-skimming dress depending on her mood.
“My style is, naturally, very Versace,” says Donatella Versace. Her platinum hair is as recognizable as her label’s Medusa logo, but what exactly does that mean today, nearly two decades after her late brother, Gianni, gave us Elizabeth Hurley spilling out of that sensational safety-pinned gown? “The Medusa has been tie-dyed!” says Versace, referring to the patterns that swirl across the belted dresses from her spring collection.

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Kat Ratcliffe says:

I love all those bright colours in the males pieces.

Marlena Sekula says:

Naomi is amazing!!!!

Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster says:

versace makes the sexies dresses  ever ever i love versace  line, if i could aford  there clothes i would buy them all cause i love it there clothes are very sexy and  miss naomi looks wonderful for her age,  and i beleave more older models should be on the runways,  i would love too be in  the  versace  shows,   naomi  has a great walk down the runway,  extrodenary 2013!

Juan Carlos Hernandez Carrillo says:

lindsey, kasia and sasha ahhhh!!!

Devin Boston says:

Very wearable Good Gob Donatella

texhnk77 says:

It's very professionally! One of the beAst fashion show i've seen ever! Fantastic spirit of vogue (mode)

Bai dumbuya says:

Also love the songs. Anyone know the musical artist s on this show. Or how I can find the playlist?

Alex Perez says:

Naomi is the queen if runway ,,, her walk is epic !!!! Sexy classy every time !!!!

Shukri Mohamef says:

I wonder what they are thinking when walking up the runway 

denay vonte says:

naomi slayyyy

Esmee de Vries says:

stunning !

Gunta Varna says:

I like this style. It's a shame that it is not for me at this age. Wonderful costumes.

gugleplius uzpisanaxuj says:

where are booobs? wtf?!

Adrien Cavalli says:

Naomi she is a queen of the runways.

maia993 says:

Versace 🙂 the best as always

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