Versace | Spring/Summer 2020 | Menswear | Milan Fashion Week

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Preston Tandy says:

This was MEH!!!

Sa Ra says:

Gigi and Bella❤️

R. B says:

It's a no.

deedee100100100100 says:

8:58 Adut Akech is an absolute GODDESS

Mariele Dhane Bael says:

Came here for Irina Shayk ❤

tonyakarp says:

in love with this entire show with very minor exceptions – the chunky platform sandals (kindof a personal problem) and the two-toned blazers, which were awful. loved the concept -80's miami afro disco! all the colors, shimmery textiles, at once easy breezy flowing and also precisely tailored to show off classic male forms (shoulders, chest, hips)… esp loved biker jacket over suit with sneakers, men in silk neckties… i can see where others might view the colors + glitter + pattern-clashing as vulgar or campy, but i think that's the point. 😉 nothing groundbreaking here, but a very fun ready-to-wear collection.

Zahia Ela says:


yumna amjad says:

Bella is so beautiful

M Xeni says:

Bella is trying too hard to make that walk 😀

Ilies 80s says:

Donatella seems uninspired with menswear…

Ilies 80s says:

Bella did what needed to be done‼️ Major‼️

Vanessa Lunardi says:

Anna Ewers & Irina Shayk, simply beautiful, very women!!!

Clay Byrd says:

Versace has this thing about crazy mixing of colors and fabrics that it can't seem to do very well and yet the house continues to attempt 'especially in menswear and I find it truly awful . Seriously you hire these beautiful Male models and dress them like side kicks to a cartoon villain. honey reign it in ' oh and just because it's a trend at other fashion houses doesn't mean you have to follow '" ie " big clunky white Dad sneakers ' so over it already ..I did love a few of the black suits with the boot cut slacks and those solid black trenches were cool, but all in all I'm just at a loss for what this collection hoped to say. Yikes perhaps

Edison Rengifo Guille says:

Versace never disappointed me 💗

andant123 says:

Who's the last model?

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