Versace | Spring Summer 2020 Full Show | Menswear

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Versace | Spring Summer 2020 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – Milano Moda Uomo/Milan Fashion Week Men’s)

Barrie Gledden – Hacker / Christopher Ashmore – Broken Circuits / William Davies – Eat My Beat

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Travis Schmidt says:

Sweet lord the ladies looking 👌

รɭคץو says:

i loved gigi


i loved the clothes with the cars i also liked the clothes with all the colorful patterns this line is ultra

Елена С. says:

КЛАСС ‼️SUPER ‼️ ❤️ IRINA 👏👏👏 – BRAVO 👑⭐❤️‼️

S Hart says:

8:04 fiercest walk I’ve seen by far 🔥♥️

Jennifer Swartz says:

all of it, sucked

Jo Dancer says:

I feel like I was watching a pride parade. I totally forgot I was watching a Versace fashion show.

TheQuadfather says:

I guess Kendall Jenner is just gonna let Gigi and Bella do all the modeling now. Like, where is she?

Ewerton Medeiros says:

9:20 Bella killed it! She’s improved soooo much. A true model!

Cesar Omar says:

las mujeres vestidas como hombre y los hombres como mujer….por dios hasta donde hemos llegado

calvinnwoo says:

who is 2:57 ?

Ricardo Hernandez says:

Why are they trying to make fringe happen again? That was like 2-3 yrs ago, and it should die, it's god awful!

Amira Hudson says:

Bella omg 😍🔥

Dary Marko says:

Questi modelli sembrano sempre incazzati …mah 🤔

Marte Leirvik says:

I miss 90s models who could actually walk

Marte Leirvik says:

5:40 was epic tho

Eliana Rodriguez says:


Олеся Тасамая says:

х*рня какая то ни ,чего не понравилось

Janet Misanyah Pyllah5 says:

Am here for @Stellamaxwell


Versace by Michael Kors

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