Versace | Spring Summer 2014 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Versace | Spring Summer 2014 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/MFW)

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Victor Adams says:


Theincrediblelifeofbreeze says:


HADGER24532 says:

do they purposely choose flat chested girls for this?shit flatter than a piece of paper.

indra beha says:

just came to see Kasia struts her stuff here.

Juan Carlos Hernandez Carrillo says:

kasia struss walk! she is so good!

vyktor da silva miranda says:

quais os nomes das musicas ?

Mya Sade. says:

Just came for migos. Lmfao

JL Ownz says:

Just came here to hear Migos Ft Drake – Versace v_v

818 TaLiSa says:

When Kasia Struss walks you can totally see that her jaw slammed shut so tight.  She means business hunnie!!  She's not playing.

Cowardkid says:

There are only a few models who look healthy here… much bone doesn't allow to appreciate the clothing

Jie Hu says:

what the name of the song in the end ???

Gabriele Meurer says:

Absolutely fantastic! Donatella is definitely back in business. Bravissima!

Britney Fleury says:

The shoes though <3 

Aayah A says:


Lexi Cole says:

Love Love Love, definitely in my Top 5

murksdoc says:

They do the "tank walk" with "shell shock faces". Nobody told them its a joke to call them "bombshells". Was anyone bitten in the first row? Is that the "concrete charm" of the new girl's generation? Can anybody tell me how to  become gay?

Tavga Hawrame says:

glamorous and  inspiring.

João Valério Jacinto says:

Maravilha ! …Uma expressiva variações de intenso brilho !

Eduardo Corentin says:

estan tan delgadas que casi no pueden caminar
que desgracia deben tener un hambreeeeeeeeeeeee

Pieter Kaars says:

Fantastic collection!
supermodels Coralie Pavlik-Frégé and Xenia Deli 're simply drop dead gorgeous 

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