Versace Menswear Spring/Summer 2019

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Versace Menswear Spring Summer 2019 Full Runway Fashion Show Collection by Donatella Versace

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Pawel Steciuk says:

Moschino ? Music WTF ?

perfum lin says:


ftworthxxx says:

So pretentious. Make no mistake, I'm not some redneck, shit kicker guy, but does anyone expect a straight guy, alpha male or beta guy, to wear this crap? Gimme a break. Gimme Alexander Julian, Ralph Lauren, etc. Versace for Women, NOW WE'RE TALKING!!

Cristian Marcelo Delgado says:

Muy 90' Horrible
El futuro es el blanco con el dorado. Blanco con negro
Un desastre esta coleccion

Dyns Mulhern says:

Most of the male models have 'i need a piss quick, were is the f**king toilets' walk about them.

Fernando Matehuala says:

I prayed the cut of those jeans would never come back. I guess it’s official; we’re reliving the late 90’s early 00’s. Goodbye 80’s


To me, Italian fashion design looks cheap, and the furniture design looks boring……..

ryanniel9 RR says:

this is what happens when you try to carry on.. someone else's talent.
"The peasant collection". wtf would you design for flea markets!!?? am soo confused. wow… must be marketing for "basketball wives" fans..

Mourad Mrd says:

I love this ; versace , dolce and gabbana , gucci …want to see more shows
like this one

Tes Truelove says:

We're back in the 90's!

Maximino Morelos says:

Ugly collection

Diego Prosen says:

Versace always reminds me of drug dealers or new rich without taste

Ada Wong says:

Not feeling this collection

christophe chatelain says:

Versace, Armani, c'est pas de la création mais du patchwork, du copier-coller
La pauvre façon des parvenus

Chris Kim says:

The runway design reminds me of blackpink's Ddu du ddu du MV. (Rosé's part)

김여사 says:

This Versace fashion show is totally secret "TRANNY PARTY" ! The supposed MEN Models are all secret masonic FtM TRANSman WOMEN originally born girls and turned to be fake men by Testosterone and other freemasonic transgendering techs & stuffs. Versace family are originally typical generational transgender fashion business family just like other generational secret transgender fashion business families all over the world. The audiences are mostly secret trannys, too.

Robert Perricone says:

Not really!!..this is early 2000's……… done already…………!!

Elvin Knight says:

Where re the men for menswear kids wear?

Roy Luxford says:

Why theirs all jawlines are amazing????

Robert Robrahn says:

I liked the superhero red fabric but there was no innovation or forward thinking to this typical collection. Yawn

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