Versace Men’s FW15/16 Fashion Show

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Absolute luxury for a collection that enhances the pure #Versace soul that stands on its own. Watch the Versace Men’s FW15/16 fashion show and discover more on #VersaceMenswear

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I'm Gonna Wear Designer And Forget Your Name says:

I defiantly think Versace should shift to thinner (but still toned) male models. Everything looks better on skinny, especially long coats and super-skinny leggings/jeans.

knve says:

I think I will wear this, if I want to.

Glenn Ramglez says:

Versace Men's FW15/16 Fashion Show.

Nikola Borisov says:

Donatella, love you. Thank you for the beautiful collection. I am in love with your clothes. I just feel bad, that the winter is finishing soon and I still have clothes from this collection, which I physically could not wear, because it is getting warm. I was so happy to be wearing your clothes and your summer collection is excellent either. I am already out of budget, because I am a student, but I don't care. Your clothes are already the best purchase. <3 <3 <3 you so much.  

BOMB.COM says:

Not a fan of the long tops w/ the leggings, but everything else was rad! #oneday

Roccobruno Mauriello says:

I see forward to buy something this season the color are amazing.. Thank you Donatella.

botondkaa says:

I need a scarf and sunglasses right now……oh and the black suit 

madonnaro ny says:




Sj Park says:

love Versace!

Versace says:

Versace Men's Fall/Winter 2015-16 is absolute luxury with a Versace edge. Watch the catwalk video: #VersaceMenswear

marino4691 says:

7:36, best

marino4691 says:

ditch those golden glasses and put on classic wayfarers. rest is amazing!!

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