Versace Men’s FW13/14 Fashion Show

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Explore the new Versace Men’s Fall Winter 13/14 collection. Big is Beautiful. The look is pumped. Volumes are exaggerated for effect. This is the maximization of luxury. #Versace #VersaceMenswear
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Kat Ratcliffe (SHFIRE) says:

One day I'm gonna have money and I will buy everything……Just saying.

bacarra kris says:

Versace Versace im up on the runway im looking Molly (MOLLY)!!!

maro bayan says:

no designer can reach versace level in men design not even gucci or louis

Count Dracula says:

I gave up at the fur coat………………..FUR IS DEAD PEOPLE

Arie r says:

came here for the song lulz

hihipieinthesky says:

I the only one who finds all the men look alike?? O.o

Ritchie zarits says:


Dude Mdna says:

Excellent collection, strong and sexy!! some one must be very confident to express fashion like this. Donatella is the best.

yucel ozkan says:

@Stefan Panteleev

Farukh says:

Can anyone P-L-E-A-S-E tell the name of the soundtrack(s) ? It would be really appreciated. Thank you very much in advance 😉

Connor Jones says:

Can anyone tell me how old Tarik is?

Sang Nguyễn Minh says:

Tôi ghét màu đen của sân khấu. Nó quá tối.

Aditya Sarkar says:

Tarik Lakehal

Bean Hung says:

Do you know who the first models is ? I like his face so much

Josh Everson says:

Versace is working the 70's, animal print, and fur, and restyled-old-fashion Britain.


This is like the 90´s my favorite time

dboyfff says:

Awesome! Very Cool and Very Practical.

Josh Germosen says:

most be in your computer….

willichirazz says:

soundtrack please?

Maximilian Raftis says:

who is the third model

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