Versace Men Spring/Summer 2013 FULL SHOW | Milan Men’s Fashion Week | FashionTV FMEN

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SUBSCRIBE: MILAN – The Versace Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show during Milan Men’s Fashion Week was all about excess and bling. The one and only, Donatella Versace took the latest collection to a whole new level, as well as continuing a bright-colored trend taken from her last spring season with hues of hot pink, gold, silver, blue and white. The show’s dramatic opening turned heads where the incredibly sexy models walked down the runway dressed in sheer fabrics, oversized gladiator belts, metallics, double breasted jackets and cinch jackets. The start of the show delivered models who wore nothing but skimpy underwear, oversized gold and silver belts and satin robes. The collection arrived with a range of tailored looks to present the modern day gladiator. Adding metallic material, the collection included a variety of sleeveless blazers, shocking florals and plenty of long gold chains. The models walked in high gladiator sandals, mostly in gold and black. As for the end of the show, the collection moved towards a more sporty elegant look with large t-shirts, metallic shorts and the typical black suit. Versace’s man is not average as the Italian fashion house did a brilliant job creating catwalk warriors.

Appearances: Donatella Versace





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Nick Kumar says:

This is actually a great collection from Versace for menswear. It’s hard to find clothes that are wearable and just look great with out being unnecessarily distracting and tacky these days. You can see the quality of fabrics through the genius play of colour and the way the clothes are cut to fit complimenting and enhancing their bodies perfectly. I love the light reflectiveness on the silk like pieces it oozes high end with out screaming hardware, accessories, or logos.

pasha baiul says:

who is the guy @ 1:45 ?

Khaled BENAIDA says:

Unwearable ;(

SilentPoliceman says:

Who is that walking away at 1:31 ? please.

m Mick says:

oh my god … that looks like hell … because you get eye cancer

Emma Frost says:

They (the models) are all really pretty but they walk like the clothes are very uncomfortable on them or like they've been scolded and have to go to their rooms 🙂 Relax! Enjoy! I know you have to look cool….you don't have to smile but at least move your shoulders or something. Inhabit the clothes!!

Rougé says:

Versace needs models with different facial features, because everyone is bounty nosed and perfectly structured.. whether asian, black, Latino, or white. Needs some flavor 😝

Jad Marz says:

why all these models look like they're constipated?!

Jorge Luna says:

if i was a wrestler i would pick the first robe for an entrance

Klaus Ojjih says:

4:53 pls who is thay

Klaus Ojjih says:

name of models please!

Arath Gomez says:

2:08 anyone know him!!!!!

mermaid meaw says:

i wonder, how there are so many thumb up but the comment section is opposite.

Darryl Touchet says:

How would I wear this in public

Michał M says:

This is amazing collection. Versace Power

polyprinz says:

Models are so stiff, no personality. It's so boring!!!!

J Jones says:

I know they be in the back like
"Ha We all look fucking stupid but it pays well so hey its cool"
The first 2 mins look like my mom brought some curtains from JC Penny's cut them up and made this retarted shit.

Pier G says:

This is fucking bullshit

Axel Balsan says:

Men's fashion is so boring.

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