Versace, Gucci, Fashion Nova, Burberry HAUL

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Want to wear Versace, Gucci, Burberry, Fendi but can’t afford it? Welp I know just the place that can solve that for you its called Fashion Nova!!!!!

20% off code use “Pandaxo”
IG: @fashionnova

-Fashionista Set

-Wild Vibes Set

-Ardeth Set

-Call Me Anytime Pant Set

-Current Status 3 Piece Set

-Ignite The Night Satin Set

-Just In Time 3 Piece Set

-Curious About You Bodysuit

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Yessy says:

Love your videos so much, it give me a complete visual of how FN clothing fits. You are beautiful and explain pretty well. Thank you Panda!! <3

Alana Trinitta says:

Thank u!!!! I love Versace inspired clothes super cute!

Dee Luther says:

Great Nice VideO As AlwayS
ThaT Thumbnail ThO LovE It
Everything Look Amazing On You Yesss Gurl I See you
Your Beautiful Self
Makeup LooK Amazing
Hope you Have a Fabulous Weekend as well

yehezkiel nainggolan says:


JonnySuite13 says:

Sexy in everything.

Stev Hussar says:

That Fashionova outfit is on point…

Enzur says:

Such a fucking snack this girl

capricorn hippie says:

I love you Panda, you are so fucking bomb

joepunk01 says:

@PANDA Im not a clothing expert but ive noticed youve had issues with some of the tights/bottoms from fashon nova. If they go down in the back but stay up in the front….maybe you have them on backwards? I noticed that the booty/back part height of pants/bottoms sometimes are higher compared to the front because the butt will fill it out. Lol again Im no expert just trying to help out. ☺

Wendy Kosinski says:

All. Look. Good.

Daniel X says:

Damn!!! 😍💘
If you were the "Ice" in my drink…
You'd melt 💧because your so hot🔥

Ari De neros says:

Wooo, girl! looking 🔥! Having issues with my lame bf and this made me want to get up and go out

Elijah Delamere says:

Yessssss slay mama❤❤❤❤😜😜😜

Maverick says:

That titty shake tho. Nice

Riley Davis says:

Second your so awesome and Funny love your makeup ❤️😂👍🏽😍😍

Kiara Oman says:

Omg I love you so much❤❤❤

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