Versace for H&M Fashion Show in New York

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Last night, the Versace for H&M collection was launched at a celebrity packed event in New York!

The Versace for H&M collection was shown on the catwalk alongside with some iconic pieces created just for this exclusive show.
The event took place in a specially designed building on the Hudson River, New York. A glamorous after-party followed in true Versace style for hours…

CATWALK MUSIC: by “Funky Twinz” Martin Jonsson/Mathias Venge

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Peter Harris says:

audience filled with celebs is claustrophobic

raphaela ddeo says:

Hands down the bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbest versace collection ever

Kvnzo xo says:

Who is the men model who wear just blue?

usforsarah says:

Best H&M collaboration!! 

Azrul Aznizan (ifyouseekazei) says:


Chih Hsian LU says:

Versace for H&M Fashion Show in New York:

Rini Salmiarni says:

outbreak as fashion isn't!!!!for versace in stylist new york too.RSS.thanks.KPAD sweet.always dreams an american.

Khoa Tran says:

0:37 model name?

HannaHJL Pham says:

Please one more time collaboration. I love this project most. Versace for H&M is the best.

Mark Anthony Sangalang says:

The dresses are amazing! 

TheIkarudo says:

Anyone knows the name of the song!? 

Beentakenaway123 says:

When are they doing Versace for H&M again????

salant96 says:

so jealous of their hair! !!!!

Sakina Cherrie says:

Love this!! So much more energetic than Chanel

Jessy Mallas says:

Prob some of the ugliest fashion and women ive ever seen. 

MetaknightXYZ -Gamin' & Ragin' says:

0:39 girl on the right in the yellow, girl from kickass!

Abdul Wahab says:

music please ??

Layzha Lopez says:

0:56 why is there a clown…..

lordtroah says:

:50 walk is ridiculous. She was killing it.

A.J Javia says:

I see Chole 😀

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