“VERSACE” Fashion Show Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Milan Fashion Week Pret a Porter Women Full Show HD

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“VERSACE” Fashion Show Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Milan Fashion Week Pret a Porter Women Full Show HD

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theamethyst93 says:

This collection reminds me of ariana grande. But not in a bad way. 

Arthur Ando says:

Terrible Video Quality!

angellover02171 says:

I guess the 90's are back.

a greek says:

Is the guy in red at 0:15 seriously wearing Nike sneakers?

ani reims says:

who the fuck let cara delevigne model on a versace runway

Bjorn Gudmundsson says:

i hate whoever did the camera work. we see maybe 3 or 4 seconds of an outfit and then its 3 seconds of atmosphere, meaning the same shot of the audience. how boring.

HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio ) says:

Fancy and elegant !

Marek Czartoryski says:

The opening !!! AMAZEBALLS !!! <3 Kasia <3

Lindsey Mitchell says:

Love it, but the models timing seems really out of sync when they pass each other in the back section.

xMooNz says:

i mean the first two chicks, you right andrew.

xMooNz says:

pwoah, why no one walk round all sexy like that ever???

Andrew Lam says:

These outfits/dress move sooo beautifully !

Andrew Lam says:

Some of these models walks are kind of newbie….. But the outfits look amazing!

Melissa Fuentes says:

6 clapp song by shirley ellis

Andrew Mendiola says:

I've watched some of their walks, and some of the girls look uncomfortable in walking with what they're wearing as if the dress is too tight.

alexisation says:

This music is so depressing and makes the show look dull you guys should see the one with FASHION TV Search versace than put FASHION TV and bam unbelievable

anna croft says:

i liked that glossy blazer !

Maria Jose Navarro says:

I don't know, buy i think versace stole a song from dior's runway

Maria Jose Navarro says:

Actually i don't know,

eduardo42897 says:

I would've made the first two jackets smaller or shorter to them seem more sexier. This is 100 percent better than Prada.

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