Versace | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Versace | Fall Winter 2019/2020 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – MFW/Milan Fashion Week)

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K onliner says:

Boring. Versace is lacking innovation these days.

Blanca Angulo says:

Que bien las modelos lucen más saludables.

adi ezra says:

Incompłete show without raquel zimmerman.nat poly.coco rocha.russian 90 supermodel & caroline trentini!!!

Joel-bert says:

4:26 is lovely

Massimo Squecco says:

Need the song references

o yang says:

the first music,please

Hector :D says:

Why Kaitlyn jenner?

Camilo Gomez Keep says:

5:13 YAY NATALIA MONTERO. Colombia Is Proud Of You!!!

Elena Melnichenko says:

Нормальные манекенщицы перевелись, вымерли как мамонты…

ad da says:


Arren Hidalgo says:

What a nice collection!

Jac Cruick says:

Wow… boldly erotic.. like feasting on a Hawaiian fruit smorgasbord.. those colors!

peachy b. says:

Looks like these starving hookers had 5 minutes to run into a Goodwill, grab random things to make an outfit, and race down the catwalk. LOL Laughably bad. Who buys this crap? It's so awful.

เด่น สันทราย says:

vivienne westwood or versace?

justo klau says:

model’s name at 2:52??? pleaseee

Starr M Curry says:

Different but not in a positive way.

Carducci1959 says:

When they sold Versace, they should have kept Donatella versace's nose, out of it!!!!!!!!

David Armas says:

Anybody know the name of the first song?

Christine Mae Rabina says:

why was the first model walk like that?

일없다 says:

It is funny that after Gigi walking there walks Stephanie..

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