Versace | Fall Winter 2017/2018 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

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Versace | Fall Winter 2017/2018 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – Menswear Collection – MFW)

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Sandra Williams says:

Very very very nice show. Well put together. Inspiring!

Jacob Rivera says:

Versace did that with this collection, and Tell Dolce to stop with the crowns we got the picture 3 years ago

Liam Lombard says:

compared to the last few seasons, this was maybe to wearable

Arnow says:

I love it

arnold Morales says:

Look at this D & G, this is how you should do it

Pittiuomo Kuzey Dogan says:

yeniden Versace

ortem000 says:

We see you Donatella. Kudos.

JustLikeLexi says:

This is giving me school shooter combined with high fashion tease jk lmao i love the outwear and tailoring tho.

The Great says:

Their hairstyles distracts me

pietr11 says:

Whats the name of this songs, pleas?

Rebelde MX says:

The coats ??????

mircea costache says:

EPIC !!!

Lionel Ruiz says:

The tailoring is SO DAMN impeccable oh my god

salvadorlaguna says:

Some of the stuff is kool, and other clothes, not even the biggest homo in Hollywood would wear!!! Oh man!!!

Black Chains says:

Tell dolce that's how you do it…. No performers

Alison Kepla says:

Fact: Versace > D&G

TheReturnOfStephan1 says:

The outerwear was beautiful!
Everything else was a ridiculous joke, i.e., too small/skinny proportions and distracting/unflattering hairstyles.

FanBale D says:

What's the name of the song in 5:58 ?

Gilberto Gonzalez says:

great collection.. to me is like high fashion MAFIA look… the palette of color amazing..

Kenny Davis says:

the way Versace does runway shows now for men and women is very interesting like organized chaos. Not really feeling that. On the other hand I totally want damn near everything I saw!!! Love the clothes and the models!!!!!

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