Versace Fall 1991

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GV Fall 1991. Sorry for the choppy editing. I was 14 at the time

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Ana Avila says:

Yasmeen and Naomi by far the best walkers. Even though Cindy is my all time favorite you can’t beat the queens of catwalk.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez says:

Whats a fuck that's a great super super super model look yours personality

AzzedineAliaFan says:

claudia ALWAYs looks so goof, awkward & aloof when she's on the runway . .

Carmen Poveda says:

Who is the model on 1:24?

Selena Mirabal says:

Gianni easily the best designer ever

Joana Lewis says:

Ah Gianni love you

In The Beginning Was The Word says:

I honestly think Yasmeen Ghauri is the only catwalk model who can compare to Naomi Campbell, moreso than Linda, Christy or any of the other models.

Megan Spencer says:

All star casts. I miss the 90s

missisfreddiemercury says:

why don`t they make clothes like this anymore?

Jessica Can says:

A king like no other ❤️

nelson lariccia says:

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infinitalocura says:

WOW THIS IS AMAZING REAL SUPERMODELS!!!! not today kendall gigi bella and that all stupid bunch

Madeline Rose Black says:

1:10 What is wrong with this walk, she is like in slow motion trying to wave her hands as far as possible

Sebastian Wendel says:

Where are those super women today ???

mascflipbbfucker miami says:

don't be sorry…its a awesome video to watch with all the wonderful supermodels at that time !!!

SEL MOON says:

<3 freedom

Lilia96 says:

Sigh. I forgot how beautiful Angelika Kallio was.. 

Jason Newton says:

No need to be sorry. Wonderful video. Please upload everything you have from models during the early 90s. They're just fantastic.

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