Versace Atelier Fall/winter 1999 – 2000 women’s fashion show

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#versace #atelier #haute #couture #1999 #2000 earlier it was not working properly causing frames to freeze

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Littleathquakes says:

Models whose walks were identified even before their faces were shown:

daniel cubides says:

Soundtrack plz

Lucas Glamour says:

Opened: Gisele Bundchen(Brazil)- Carmen Kass(Estonian)- Amber Velleta(U.S.A)- Naomi Campbell(United Kingdom)- Angela Lindvall(U.S.A)- Maggie Rizer(U.S.A)- Natane Boudreau Adcok(U.S.A)- Natalia Semanova(Russia)- Trish Goff(U.S.A)- Isabeli Fontana(Brazil)- Stella Tennant(United Kingdom)- Christina Kruse(Germany)- Eugenia Silva(Spain)- AudreyMarnay(France)- Lida Egorova(Russia)- Frankie Rayder(U.S.A)- Karen Elson(United Kingdom)- Liisa Winkler(Canadian)- Gisele Bundchen Closed- Supermodels!

C L says:

The last show of the 1990's, one of donatella's first haute couture shows is still one of her best

Carmen Kass Stan _ says:

omg I've been looking for this show for ages!!

charly lopez says:

Maggie Rizer is very skinny. It's very painful to watch her.

Niles Marcus says:

God Bless U, forreal. 👍🏾👍🏾

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