VASKOLG Bijoux Sculptures Paris Haute Couture AW 2014 Full Show by Fashion Channel

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VASKOLG Bijoux Sculptures Paris Haute Couture AW 2014 Full Show by Fashion Channel

VASKOLG’s jewels-sculptures are unique pieces of modern art that seduce the contemporary High-end jewelry thanks to the triptych volume, modularity and function. Jewels are all hand-made and produced in limited edition or are unique pieces. The designer created an unique atmosphere using white suits and playing with the serious acting and coordinated movements of the models.

The best videos and the most exclusive and representative moments of the international runway since 1982 until now. Backstage secrets, insights on make-up and hair style, curiosities from the fashion world, celebrities, photo shoots, designer and model clips, red carpets and gossips, parties… and much more!

Fashion Channel shows new interesting videos in continuous flow.


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Diana Savitskaya says:

miss my jewelry)

DieterP. says:

Die ziehen immer eine Fresse zum reinhauen

Toni Prianto says:

this is porn not fashion

Connie Price says:

This is all a mess. I just don't get it.

Jorge Ro says:

modelos muy hermosas

Mouni Houdja says:

c'est  moche moche  moche

Michael Naisbitt says:

Stupid. All the same color white miserable faces. Not enough camel toe between their legs no decent nipples protruding even the girl at 7.45 has tits covered. And these women get paid a fortune for an hours work.

Harv72b says:

I think it's great that one of the fashion houses is finally catering to the anorexic whiplash sufferers of the world.

Funes5 says:

this is the moment when you start to reevaluate your career as a model

Hitam manis says:


endwood says:

I guess society (well some sections of it) have lost touch with reality, I think we need another ice age, go back to the caves & start again!

georg cantor says:

It's amazing the models don't bump into each other.

Rendrik Copperton says:

Can you imagine the morning? Model arrives, watches as all the other models are fitted for torso castings and stupid accessories, then the designer turns to her and says "oh no, not you, I have something 'special' planned for you… how are you with pumping your breast? … yeah, I know it has nothing to do with anything, but…"

Betazero says:

Were all the models in a horrible bus accident? Why did they all have neck braces on…None of this looks good imo. And what the hell was at the end….really dumb and ugly

Vyom Hotri says:

is this really, Haute Couture? shitttttthhhhhhhh

Brandon phaser says:

Why people always take other people`s comments so seriously when he was just making a joke? Oh well if you said wearing almost nothing is art, then so be it master of fashion art..

ozman1966 says:


Woody Hary says:

is playlist

Woody Hary says:

is playlist

Woody Hary says:

What is playlist

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