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The freedom to be oneself is an act of being present in the moment, following no rules or schemes. For the Valentino Women’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, searching for a center of gravity in the unstable balance of the present means to explore one’s own inner space. A mobile place, in which being oneself is allowed and utopias are made real. Volumes are pure, sculptural, movable. Black explodes as an energetic sum of all colors. Color is freed in personal, frenzied fantasies.

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Hilton Palacio says:


Valerie Ellis says:

Stunning; intoxicated by the romantic silhouettes, the startling colour combinations, the amazing patterning and phenomenal technical execution. Pierpaolo is the most original and compelling designer in high fashion; at once a professor of clothing history and a leading light in design. So moving.

장현건 says:

I love the collection but just had to watch the video because of the music. What's the fuck is up with Valentino and this damn music?

Scoop7 says:

I’m so over the same looks and same music same tired show!! They messed up when they let go Mr.Valentino!!!

Natalie Campbell says:

Somehow…..never ever disappoints

stefanos2691 says:

Valentino must sell a lot to Saudi Arabia ant it's trying to flatter his customers. What is missing is some burkas. Awful collection.

Aleccej Kraftcoff says:

Perfecty ero pretty nice!!!👏🌞💎🍒🎆❤👄🌹🍓👅🌈👍🌐💓☺👌👏🎓☺thanks!👏

joussefysf says:

One word: Kristen mcmenamy

joussefysf says:

Valentino & Margiela are the only shows i find myself looking forward too!! always deliver the goods

Richard Leclerc says:

Kristen mcmenamy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Lim says:

why don't they use the original runway music?

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