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When disparate perspectives collide, new ideas are born. This season, the vocabulary of Valentino is reinterpreted through the lens of poetry, one of the most ancient forms of literary art. Streetwear, too, makes its way into the collection by way of Jun Takahashi at Undercover. These influences meet each other in an ever-evolving dialogue that is anchored by the idea of love. Love as a means for expression; love as a manifesto, to be worn and celebrated.

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Angela Fitch says:

I love those romantic dresses.

G Zuo says:

Beautiful art pieces…

angel Love says:



Sex slave
Money Master
Fasion fall
Beauty bitch

Hansel Delgado says:

Sin palabras 💌

Miriann Fonseca says:

romantic! dreams! moviment, art,fluidos…Lindos!!!

Shuhada Shuhada says:

Wow awesome

Fatima Melicio says:

Tres, tres Jolie …. 😍👌

Fatima Melicio says:

Wow!!!! Fabuleus!👌👏👏👏👏

Don Vu says:

Valentino is the show I look forward to in Paris now

Basia Blaz says:

OMG, amazing collection!!!! subtle, feminine, light and sophisticated, beautiful girls and sublime music, thank you very much!

cal. e says:

I’m sorry but why are these prints diluting my bright and beautiful Valentino colours

kakinho ta certo says:

Na entrada da mansão havia um espelho muito antigo

권homi says:

so lovely and elegant with classicism
love all pieces so much!

mahb bani says:

when i am watching valentin show , i feel better & hopefull to life . really its breath taking🌷

Joao Pereira says:

y loooveddddd ynglechi1

Joao Pereira says:

naice dys grilss is may passowwd is memmm! tkkss good!

Joel Garlejo says:

It was amazing and then it got better the end . WOW

antonenkocr says:

Валентино, браво. Спасибо за эстетическое наслаждение.

Muriel Belmondo says:

Les chapeaux en forme de pots de fleurs pas facile à porter et la robe longue beige est magnifique

dan bisson says:


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