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We are now streaming live from Paris the #ValentinoFW19 collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli.

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Michael Nicola says:

Such beauty, transcendent and wearable. Collectible and memorable. Breathtaking

Gonzalo Marin says:


Soulwax – Heaven Scent Ft. Chloe Sevigny
Solange – Beltway
Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence (The Quad-Final Mix)
Art of Noise – Moments in love
Des´ree – Kissing you

Clay Byrd says:

Stunning . Just stunning

Jackson Eckendorf says:

Is the voiceover by Chloe Sevigny?

Tocqueville says:

Aren’t you all tired of reading comments by people counting models and dividing them by their ethnicity?

I am.

A fashion show is not the United Nations or a parliament where everybody must be represented.

A fashion show embodies the vision of a designer who chooses who is best for a collection. Period.

Nothing more and nothing less.

I find this identity politics discourse poisonous and destructive.

Hope this madness will stop as soon as possible.

(And before you accuse me of racism, sorry but I am not. Beauty is not limited to one ethnicity and I would have zero problems if a designer chooses the entire casting of an ethnicity different from mine)

Raynara Rey says:

Incrível ❤

Beautification Ritual says:

Beautiful. Pleasure to view as individual pieces and full collection at the end. I’m finally narrowing in on fashion houses that lend to my key aesthetic. I’ll be stopping into the SF boutique for proper introductions.

lucia defalco says:

Best of compliments
Thank you

pikachuiswatchingyou says:

In my wildest dream, I catwalk in my living room in an organza Valentino dress.
(And I'm a male)

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