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Romanticism is strength.
It places sensibility before rationality, authenticity before stereotypes. For the Women’s Fall/Winter 2018-19 Collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli flowers spread, enlarged as exclamations, palpable as intarsia on stratified silhouettes made of compact fabrics. Trousers as a constant, jackets as a new addition and colors multiply in the symphony of a monochrome that is disrupted by multiple weavings.
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Valerie Ellis says:

What a beautiful continuation of the spring-summer themes, colours and silhouettes. Valentino declares white suitable for winter and colours other than the usual browns, burgundies and moss greens. Inspired by Dutch renaissance art, there are flattering, maidenly skirts and sleeves among more modern lines. It all speaks to a respect and care for the form of women and a sensitivity for very particular colour tones. A masterpiece.

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