Valentino | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Valentino | Spring Summer 2019 by Pierpaolo Piccoli | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – PFW/Paris Fashion Week) #FFLikedalot

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Bill Fleming says:

really stupid footwear

Pepe M Mas says:

It is a great show along with Chanel's my favourites of the season, though is it really a SS collection? or a AW?, so much fabric, the length of the gowns, beautiful but not very summery or mediterranean summer, maybe clearly targeting their Middle-Eastern and Russian clientele, because of the rafia hats I knew it was a SS collection.

Midwest Kandi says:

Utterly boring and boxy. Unattractive.

pol set says:

is that leila goldkuhl on 5:55?

Asma Haddad says:

Leila Goldkuhl at 4:41

stvh B says:

I don't know if that black feather was part of the show, but yeah I stared at it the entire show.

Mr Funky says:

O.k so…I miss heels on women, especially women on the runway, probably cause I don't have to wear them…….Also sorry but i have to get his out….why the hell are the majority of the black models hair ALWAYS in corn-rows ,,,cliche braided to the back at that !!! Are the stylist being lazy in not doing black hair?
Or something deeper as directed by the casting agent? That braided style is very much wkend running errands hair NOT couture runway hair. You can't say it's a statement of juxtaposition when you do it for every show !!!!!!! HUmmmmm

JOSH C says:

The shoes is ugly

Jorge Leon Llanes says:

that feather tho lol, such a model

Dawn the OG says:

Been seeing a theme of huge unfitted dresses on the runway from more than a few fashion houses. I won't be wearing them. They look like I Love Lucy's pregnancy garb in the fifties. Nope. The rest. Loveee!!!

keivefy says:

Mystery solved…the feather came off the second models shoe!!

Cameron Prather says:


Gulbarchyn Djekshen says:

Aamazing 😍😍😍
I loved each piece, perfect 👌
P. Piccioli 👏👏👏❤

BrodeurBear says:

That poor little clump of feathers tho!

BrodeurBear says:

That poor little clump of feathers!

Alma Lovela says:

Lo mejor sin duda fue Kristen Mcmenamy…ya se habían tardado.

Ella Larkin says:

Ugly shape-swamping styles. Terrible camera-work.

Perry Robles says:

Painting out of darkness. Or painting in the dark is something I read about some artists that begin with a dark canvas.

That’s how Spring begins. Overcoming the darkness of Autumn and Fall.

To me, that’s how this show began.

I was a little perplexed when I saw so much darkness walking down the runway. Then my eyes woke up when I saw some grey in the mix. I was interested. Little by little spring awoke. Then Summer exploded.

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

I wish I was a girl so I could wear the entire line.

Correction, I wish I was a rich girl so I could wear it all.

As a gay male I’ll have to W8 until I’m reincarnated into a hot rich girl. Hopefully an heiress.


Miaofan Zhong says:

liu wen rainbow love it

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