Valentino – Spring / Summer 2019 Couture Panel Discussion

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Editor Mimma Viglezio is joined by Maximilian Ephson Clarke, Anna Foster and Conner Ives to discuss the Valentino haute couture S/S 19 show.

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siri kkt says:

The last was shallow. I don't understand what is he mumbling about

LLiimmzz says:

He's spot on with the "colonial" comment.

Christopher Williams says:

his inspiration for this beautiful show came from the ebony magazine and jet magazine beauties . these are black publications in the united states ebony magazine being one of the first . the ebony fashion shows would showcase black models in christian dior , yves saint laurent and valentino etc… my mom and aunts would go to the shows . brings back good memories and was so proud to see so many beautiful women black women in the show !

John Bennet Cruz says:

How do you choose your panel? This was awful.

cuttingwedge says:

Jesus, people are so triggered by any racial talk. Just because a darker skinned person mentions that it could look a bit like there was a shtick involved in the casting doesn't mean it's true. He was just throwing it out there. Anyone who doesn't see colour and the impact of representation at this level of the industry is ignorant. I agree with Maxmilian that the first few looks were the strongest. But for couture, the froofy frilly stuff is going to make women swoon. I can see this appealing to many celebrities for red carpet. Celine will certainly snatch up a dozen of these dresses and probably the trousers. I thought some of those colour combos in the sequined ones were ghastly. And the yellow suit looked like Madonna's tacky Prince outfit she wore for his tribute. Overall, it was an incredible collection though. He really is light-years ahead of Maria.

hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub says:

I thought the first look was too much of a literal 50s Balenciaga cocoon dress rip off, sure everything was beautiful but it was almost textbook classical haute couture and almost exact dresses we've seen from other designers first already.

Maya Gabby says:

that colonial comment was not appreciated tbh. How could you turn a show that really wanted to showcase black women and diversity in fashion to that?! If anything I think it’s more groundbreaking because fashion has always been elitist and it’ll be very hard to break from that, even if it’s streetwear. It almost makes it like black women can’t be models for high end fashion houses which means there will never be diversity. Also idk how you get a colonial vibe from that. Anyways the show was beautiful, Valentino has become one of my favourite brands. I loved the music.

cheong728 says:

Can Maximilian man spread any further ? He could straddle the English Channel if he only tried.

LaV C says:

Why do you guys invite such idiotic “streetwear” Morons to the panel? I wish you guys were more selective with who you include. we need input from industry insiders not some random idiots. 🤨


The show was very Yves Saint Laurent circa 1980s.

Kaio says:

Was the aim of Western materialism based in the exploitation of foreign resources? Yes. Was slavery/racism utilized as a geo-politcal tactic in the establishment of the colossal competitive markets we've come to utilize today? Yes. But that doesn't mean that we can't be whomever we want to be. There are other dimensions in which POC's can exist, not just within the context of colonialism/neo-colonialism. There is a power in dismantling the cultural ideologies of race but first one must subtract the ways in which they contribute to/propagate the illusion of racism This process of undoing (de-colonizing) can only occur when we re-imagine ourselves for OURSELVES, not for others. Only then can we be free, period.


The roadman at the end was pissing me off. Granted I'm not 10 mins in but he makes it seem like black people are desperate to kick down the door to the white acceptance. I have never for once felt strange about walking into a museum. Did he not go on art trips in primary school? Most children around the Western world do. Art galleries are not some high away elitist world away from the ordinary. I really despise this narrative. You would think given his complex that he would know how to hold the stem of the wine glass instead of the cup.

Daniel Arosemena says:

Maximilian was the wrong choice for the panel. Though I understand adding people from different backgrounds to enrich the conversation, he clearly lacks the knowledge of FASHION DESIGN to appreciate a different perspective that is not his. His contribution therefore was limited and most of the times irrelevant with bad references… Better casting next time SHOWstudio, this is on you!

jesus naseiro-gayoso says:

Not a good panel at all. They are so annoying . They have NO IDEA .

Keith Bailey says:

Maximillan seemed a bit confused about couture and the collaborations he was referring to. Possibly because he just recently found out about Valentino but I feel like he would've fit in better on a RTW panel.

Malorie Shmyr says:

I would love to see Nick Knights perspective photographing this collection! Just like the recent Margiela shoot!

I am going to day dream here for a second and say which looks I would dream to see Nick photograph:
The Green glossy dress, the first pink look, the short purple frilly dress, the giant flower pattern with the green and pinks (look 43 I believe), the amazing yellow pant suit, the yellow "Lady Gaga" Dress, and then the 3rd from the last (red and violet)!

SHOW Studio, make it happen please! <3 . <3 . <3 . <3 .

Michael Zimmer says:

Strangely, I enjoyed watching the Valentino show with you. I had nothing in my calendar this morning and said, what the hell, I’ll watch some haute couture. The use of the music was particularly good, when that romantic and cinematic piece from the labyrinth scene in Orlando started at look 25; from that moment on, I can’t say there were tears, but I was differently moved. In reflection I am disappointed that they didn’t also include “Coming” by Jimmy Somerville from the same movie, because I feel the message and beat of that song would have added even more oomph and meaning to the presentation, and it would be a change from “Smalltown Boy.” Is there ever a season when that song it’s played?

karlie jenner lip kit says:

i would wear couture everyday all the time dress up in my home never wear an outift once darling feel your oats continue wearing more than once

BallSoHardin says:

I feel the “colonial” comments were a slap in the face to every model of color who worked hard to be in the position they’re in. Sick 🤮

Jackie Jinse says:

I hated that streetwear dude, he was just rude and trying to act cool the entire time. Like i appreciate they wanted a person with a different perspective on haute couture, but at least be respectful dude. Props to Pier Paolo tho, beautiful pieces. The first look was the hit for me.

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