Valentino Ready to Wear Fall 2013 Vogue Fashion Week Runway Show

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Valentino Ready to Wear Fall 2013 Vogue Fashion Week Runway Show

Starring: Maria Grazia Chiuri

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Anahi Gonzalez says:


Nadia Safarah says:

can someone tell me what the materials for this sweet dress 1.35 ? I have to tell my tailor to sew that.

anishafortoday says:


Justin Nicolas says:

Amazing <3

Lucy Witoszynski says:

Great collection

gold diamond says:

open new tab….vogueonlineshop

Pedro Juarez says:

Had to come here after watching the crappy YSL collection.

Misseffortlesslychic says:

Beautifull collection

Athanasia Anton says:

The simplicity of a perfect collection!!!! Amazed once more by Valentino!!!!

Arya2611 says:

I personally liked it.

Hi Suan Huang says:

out-fashioned Miu Miu mix with Louis Vuitton

cheong728 says:

There is nothing new in fashion, we have been wearing clothes for 2000 yrs ya know, so all clothes in the end are variations of the same, but the colors, the textures, the prints, gorgeous, its a very flattering shape for most women and yes we're seen it in the last collections, but still why re-invent the wheel when you can't.

cheong728 says:

Not very sure, but I think I remember an incident in the 80's or was it 90's there was a disagreement with the organizers of the Milan week and some of the Italian designers went to Paris in protest but some stayed cos they were split between 2 warring sides, all the designers were in 2 opposing camps. Even Versace went to Paris but came back, Armani never left Milan and Valentino never came back.

Erik James says:

I don't understand and hopefully someone can explain it to me, but why wouldn't Valentino show at Milan fashion week?

dwmmu2011 says:

Beautiful, elegant and would wear everything

myluvv87 says:

Im so board with these 2. This season they attempted to make the collection more youthful but it still went back into the same silhouette they have been continuing for the past 5 seasons. I get it there dressing the woman who can afford it but geeze wake me up when when its over!

Neville Jackson says:

great collection!……..Neville

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