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Emotional synesthesia, wonder of gazes and sensations. Weightless hues that expand and vibrate.
Weightless fabrics that frees and flow.
Metamorphic Haute Couture: light and iridescent like a flower that blossoms. Petals, corollas,
crowns, inflorescences bloom and spread everywhere, touching the body, settling on the eyes.
Everything turns, rotates, evolves, repeats, changes. And blossoms, on the skin.

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J.A Góis says:

I cried❣️ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

mona Laster says:

Goose bumps!!!!

Ирина Мишина says:

Женщина праздник , ароматно душистый цветок.

show jumper says:

Spectacular 💗

tuk tuk says:

VeLi veli sweet and good job

Butch Yenner says:

My goodness why are the models not allowed to smile!!

Emily says:

Song at 6:20 ?

Alex Sulivan says:

Meu Deus, decepcionante. Sim, Achei alguns maravilhooooooosos, mas Jesus! Que coleção tenebrosa, feia…feia…

Elisa Vieira says:

Wow everything is beautiful models clothes music fantastic xxx

Don Vu says:

Every season I’m like how is he gonna top this one?? He always exceeds expectations. This was another genius show

JC says:

the lack of innovation is upsetting…

Licia Field's says:

Naomi is still ruling the catwalk and she is almost 50..the black skin is something else. Super beautiful.

VANITY Leap says:

Woooooow, what an incredible exciting collection. All of the dresses are so gorgeous. Flamboyant, artistic, romantic, majestic, inspiring, just…. so stunning……so perfect. This is a true Haute Couture. Such a beautiful show, the room is incredibly decorated. All of the models are so elegant and high class looking. So many black beauties in one collection. This is high culture. Luv it.

Enkhzul Ganbat says:

Naomi at 13:21
It was such an emotional show that she cried, Celine Dion in the audience cried, everybody cried 🙂

Jack Vela says:

???????? Do not understand the idea of big clothing


Damn I never wanted to wear a brown dress before in my ENTIRE life. Truly stunning.

Chai says:

so so so SOOOOOO BEAUITUFL! the models, the designs, the music, just everything. I wanted every single piece. Magnificent job!

Guilherme Nassaj says:


Yang Yang says:

There are a lot of black models I saw

th3azscorpio says:

Absolutely sublime. Inspirational, creative, and a bit nostalgic if you will. Not one piece was anything less that awe inspiring. Pure eye candy! A collection to be remembered.

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