Valentino | Haute Couture | Spring/Summer 2019

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Jayne Lloyd says:

Ffs whats with the religious music.

artery says:

These were all beautiful made 😭👏❤

Ronald Bennett says:

Absolutely Beautiful Collection!!!!

Tinofara says:

This show was A-MAAAAZING! I loved every thing about it. I also did a review of the show on my youtube channel, check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂 x

Trish Prescott says:

This is heavenly!!

Golden Glove says:

Absolutely Gorgeous

Michael Nicola says:

Ravishing, beyond stunning.

Beatrice Woods says:

Why no American black girls

Realrude01 NOLA says:

Omg🤫 this is a Beautiful Fashion Show!!!.. Wat A Beautiful Collection Great Job💯.

My Crown G says:

This brought a tear to my eye. MAGICAL

kiathadiva7 says:


Hugo Camargo says:

Acabei de ficar emocionado com um desfile! Magnífico!

Fael Santiago says:

Fall in love with this collection and casrting. <3


Haute couture? Half of it was basic and simple to make.

Josefethe J says:


K Lee says:

Beautiful collection!! The casting was flawless!

Kim Wilkins says:

If I could just have the privilege.

Armani Lepiŕ says:

Im glad to see alot of black models on the runway!

Black cat says:

Wtf is that ?!!!🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊🙊💩😱😰😵😲😲🤐😥😣🙄😮😷😕😕😓🤔🤔😐😑😶😵🤐

Tyra Livingston says:

Beautiful collection

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