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The Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 Collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli contemplates day time with chinos and trench ensembles, made of pieces assembled during immediate and solemn dressings. A personal and perceived Haute Couture, intimately presented, made of bows and of glamour with a vibrant color palette. Gowns are made of refined materials such as taffetas and moiré, lace, intarsia and are embellished with Alessandro Gaggio’s unique jewellery designs.

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Fancy Pants says:

The ostrich feather hats that trailed feathers in the back seemed very futuristic, like strange ethereal jellyfish floating on the women's heads. Total contrast to the rigid, heavy, earth-bound draping in the beginning.

Left Coast Inc says:

I gasped so many times… simply breathtaking! Bravo. It's time to move beyond these emaciated models though. They really do look sick, and that's not sexy.

MsBizzyGurl says:

Hahaha! So crappy!

Sofia Lugtu says:

didn't troy wore that blue hat thingy on his bloom music video

MT Yankin says:

Lovely mix of colours and nice concepts but sadly very few wearable clothes.

john wynn says:

Colour…texture…shape…and emotion…so real and so, evocative…masterful….beautiful…poetic…simply lovely….

MaarLindvall says:

After Marias depature Pierpaolo blossomed. Beautiful. Poetic. Tender. Feminine.

TONG CHan says:

What the fuck music????

Rosa Scrimshaw says:

love the colection very avangard modern and classic yet elegant

Charles-Rudolph Hendrick says:

Magnifique 🙂 Bravo from Belgium 🙂

Uriel Gracia says:

Haute Couture

Gregory Ragland says:

The best of the history of Valentino has always been able to create clothing for a women that embodies her. personal sensuality. refined taste, and confidence . This sublime collection reinforces that Valentino at its best always has been , and always will be an impeccable design house ike no other .

Rachel Estrada says:

Exquisite. Genius.

Thauan Kanabs says:

reminds me dior (in Raf command), but it's incredible anyway!

Dachuan Chen says:

Gorgeous! I love how he balanced the feminity of the peplums and pleating by oversizing their proportions, making them more architectural than prim and bourgeois. I loved how he put the slits in the sides of the jackets so the girls could put their in hands in the pockets so the fabric could sit flat, such a pragmatic and modern touch. Bravo.

Lawrence St McQueen says:

and again i love how he has turned valentino garavani element into his own so beautiful and amazing

xu tianci says:

I think this music will or ready become " a signature valentino houte couture music"

Miranda Jose Luis says:

MUTE LOL !! @VALENTINO …You are fucking with us !!

Hilton Palacio says:

this song again

Fabian Farbeyond says:

A lesson in color theory, reminds me of John Galliano‘s for Dior.

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