Valentino | Haute Couture New York Collection (Sala Bianca 945) Full Show | Exclusive

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Valentino | Sala Bianca 945/Haute Couture/New York Collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Exclusive Video – Widescreen/ Especial Event at Whitney Museum of Art – Celebrate the new Fifth Avenue flagship)

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kamela poleon-henry says:

What's the opening music?

FortuneOG says:

Totally rad hot nice stunning beautiful can u's perfect mea -I'm so average women/models future women don't even know I exist, even if they did it wouldn't matter-a lift 999999999999999999999999922222222992222888888889998888889999999999999999999999999999999r years into future with all processions,also  happy birthday when it comes was I da first. So average average  average when paying for goods at shops etc-da cashiers try and punch mea out or run off-please helpa-Adrian Hodgson

Mila Kovacevic says:

Haute Couture New York 

Timmy Coleman says:


CL LZRNU says:

who is the girl in the audience with the fur and black combat boots??? BITCH SLAYED ME! She snatched off my wig!!

M&P Textile says:

Valentino | Haute Couture New York Collection

RetreatSyndromeJapan says:

very beautiful, very high quality.

terry deveau says:

very courreges 1965

Chaise Dennis says:

Beautiful from Start to Finish

Катя Коровина says:

what the music?

Betzy Maya says:

Best show 

Wonkstro says:

Dam they where claping for a while…

natasha tashism says:

This is an ABOMINATION to Haute Couture. 1. The LOCATION is in New York NOT Paris . There are legal rules protecting the LOCATION . 2. The DATES for Haute Couture shows are late January and late June – early July. The DATES for regular ready to wear shows are mid February – early March and early September – early October. The DATES for resort/ pre-fall shows are around mid April – early June and mid November – mid December ( no certain DATE but they happen around 2 – 4 months before the main season).

Sona Germchi says:

OMG … I am blown away… ! AMAZING just AMAZING !!!!! i would wear every piece!!!! OMG

adjanic says:

It's "Haute Couture" because 85% of the sewing will be done by hand but this Modern Victorian collection isnt compelling and appears as if all the pieces were worked up on a sewing machine. And I sew so I know. 

Allie Sands says:

so in love with this collection, so modern.

mrblf652 says:

Nothing special.

Arielle McManus says:

And white doesn't equate to bridal

Amber Kemp says:

THIS WAS SO GOOD. THE MUSIC WENT SO WELL, THE VENUE. definitely has to be one of my favourites 

Danilo Ramos says:

Some dresses very beautiful. That's all. They made easy sell for sure.

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