“Valentino” Fashion Show Spring Summer 2013 Pret a Porter Women Paris Fashion Week Full Show

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“Valentino” Fashion Show Spring Summer 2013 Pret a Porter Women Paris Fashion Week Full Show

A polished and truly faultless collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli who look confident at the helm of the historic maison. Delicate and meticulous, breath-taking the sublime beauty of the couture work featuring on textures and embellishments, with a rare and poised sophistication to it, the collection epitomizes sensual peace and elegant serenity. The well-balanced designs and the astonishing masterly execution translate into an aesthetics with an introspective nature, reminiscent of flowing and iridescent memories and with a whispered seduction embodied by garments recalling inner gestures and the light, flowing lines appearing as intangible as thoughts and memories, almost weightless floating like clouds against an iridescent sky. (from Vogue)

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lov2shop123 says:

Best collection and runway show I've seen yet!!! I love Valentino!!

magulamittwoch says:

The first one: Max Richter Recomposed: Spring 0 and 1 (Vivaldi – Four Seasons) 🙂

C.Dolorier says:

I actually bow the second she walks out…

kaaaaaaat says:

Uhh this is kinda keeps

jesus gonzalez says:

you suck music is beautiful

katty232 says:

can someone tell me what's the name of the background song?? pleaase!

Vadim Bartetskiy says:

music is so amazing!

Ольга Солгалова says:

"Valentino" Fashion Show Spring Summer 2013 Pret a Porter Women Paris Fashion Week Full Show

Ольга Солгалова says:

"Valentino" Fashion Show Spring Summer 2013 Pret a Porter Women Paris Fashion Week Full Show

nika petrova says:

Boring an too puritanic

Darkhotanddeadly says:

The music sucks

stella gonzalez says:

the throw back to the 30s garden party via the 70s Holy Hobbit is great in these luxurious textiles but I am afraid once on real clients, it's just old looking…as in granny

Mayee hefny says:

astonishing collection… if i was rich i know on what i would have spent my money

thái linh says:

so fabulous, gorgeous, princessish, very valentino^^ good job

Khoa Tran says:

Anybody know the song from 6:20??? and from 8:40? They so selfish to tell us the songs. ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS OF VALENTINO!!!! BEAUTIFUL, CLASSIC, PRINCESS-ISH!!!

Khoa Tran says:

Ryan Teague-Shadow Play <3

Serena May says:

2:48 LOVE IT

Filipe Ferro says:

wow, i'm a guy and i'm skinnier than these models, what happened to the world lol

Powerful Minds of Women says:

The SS13 collection is supremely delicate, feminine, and highly tasteful. Bravo at Valentino. This house truly understands the feminine form and never makes women look ridiculous.

DaliaDawn says:

Jaw droppingly perfect.

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